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Belgian Shepherd Dog
Belgian Groenendael Shepherd


Belgian Shepherd Dog
Belgian Groenendael Shepherd


The Belgian Shepherd Dog was the first sorting of these elegant, muscular and agile dogs was in 1881, and then four varieties where differentiated. Before this, there were all kinds of Belgian Shepherds, strong and wolfish, but in complete disorder. The Groenendael and the Lakenois cannot hide their aristocratic origins. The first Groenendael was born in 1879 in a castle of similar name in Brussels. The Laekenois, less known and abundant, herded


sheep in the garden of Laeken royal castle, in Brussels also. The origins of the Tervuren go back to 1885 and its name derives from a neighbourhood in Brussels. The Malinois comes form the region of Malines, city of Anvers province, where it was chosen because of its biting skills. These four varieties can be told apart by the length and color of their hair.

Character of the German Belgian Shepherd Groenendael: These are active dogs that need to exercise. Somewhat nervous and susceptible. If you buy a Malinois, make sure you get information about abou7t biting skills and family. Groenendaels are somewhat shy, but docile. Tervuerens are appreciated because of their intelligence, the same as the Groenendael.

Characteristics of the Belgian Shepherd Groenendael

  • Size: 56-66 cm
  • Weight: 31 kg
  • Color: Black for Groenendael, mahogany with black for Laekenois, Malinois and Tervuren
  • Hair: long in Goenendael and Tervuren, hard and thick in Laekenois and moderately short and thick in Malinois.


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