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ESPN ranks Steelers fans No. 1

By the Tribune-Review
Saturday, August 30, 2008

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Steelers fans are No. 1.

Was there ever any doubt? ranked all 32 NFL fan bases and ranked Pittsburgh and Green Bay tied for first. Senior writer John Clayton -- who is from the East Braddock section of Pittsburgh -- broke the tie and ruled in favor of the Steelers.

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Cleveland was third, Philadelphia fourth and Kansas City fifth. ESPN ranked Arizona Cardinals fans worst in the league, one spot below the Detroit Lions.

ESPN ranked the stadiums in Seattle and Kansas City as the loudest and Green Bay's Lambeau Field as the NFL's "most famous shrine." Philadelphia and Oakland are referred to as the last places you could safely wear an opposing team's jersey.

As for the Steelers, ESPN wrote: "The season-ticket waiting list (more than six years) is extremely long, and the consecutive sellout streak of 299 games is unbelievable."

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