Most of the BTS station infrastructure has been designed to be above ground in order to avoid cluttering existing street-level facilities and contributing to further traffic congestion. The elevated track and most stations have a single-column support structure, and each station is 150 m in length. There are 2 types of stations:

1. Side Platform Stations � Most BTS stations have been designed with two platforms at each side of the station, with 2 train tracks running through the center. This design works well with a single-column support structure.
2. Center Platform Stations � More complex in terms of construction and serving a higher passenger capacity. This type of station has a large platform in the center with tracks at each side. BTS uses this design for interchange (transfer) stations.

Each station has 3 levels:

1. The Street Level is the entry point to each station. Stairways, escalators and elevators (at selected stations) lead the passengers to the station concourse. The Street Level is also used to store equipment such as generators, fuel tanks, water tanks and water pumps.
2. The Concourse Level is located above the Street Level and serves as the entry point to the platform. The Concourse is divided into the public area for those who have not yet entered the BTS system through the ticket gate and the internal station or paid area, for all passengers who have entered the system. The public area contains the Automatic Ticket Machine, the staffed BTS Station Ticket Office and the ticket gates. This level, together with our Skybridges, also offers amenities such as small shops, cafes, banking services and ATM machines. The internal station area leads from the ticket gates to the platform using stairways and escalators. There are additional amenities in this section, including newsstands, small shops and ATM services, as well as restricted areas, accessible only to BTS staff.
3. The Platform is the highest level of each station. All station platforms offer elegant sheltering and are located on one level with the exception of Siam interchange (transfer) station, which has 2 platform levels to facilitate passenger transfer between the Silom and Sukhumvit train lines.

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