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PLAYOFF RECAP: Warriors 97, Mavericks 85 - Do You Believe?!!

What a game and what a great time to be a Warrior fan! We couldn't have asked for anything more in this first game. The Warriors struggled in the first half but survived because Dallas wasn't able to capitalize. The first half was just awful with just 38 points and 33% shooting. They shot 2-13 from three in that half and really looked sloppy. The shots that we have become accustomed to falling, just weren't going down. Wide open 3-pointers were hitting the back iron, layups that usually roll in didn't, and they lost at least 4 points at the free throw line. Thank goodness for the second half because the team really stepped it up outscoring the Mavs 49-37. Baron Davis and Stephen Jackson came in as the leaders of the team and came up with great games. Each guy led the team one half.

Baron Davis
Whoa. Boom Dizzle, B Diddy, MVP, whatever you want to call him, he came to play tonight. His 10 rebounds in the first half were big as he was one of the guys crashing the boards and securing possessions for the Warriors. Then his 19 points in the 3rd quarter really defined the game. He threw the team on his back and just took over. He posted up Devean George, drove the ball in the lane for layups, and knocked down BIG 3 pointers to put the Warriors up 6 after 3 quarters. If not for Baron that quarter, the Mavs might be celebrating a win, not the Warriors. His final line for the night, 33 points, 14 rebounds, 8 assists, and 3 steals. Ballin!

Stephen Jackson
The Warriors really struggled in the beginning and were lucky to have the game tied at 38 at the half. Jax really carried the team in the first half with 12 points. He came through with his all around game to keep the game close. The Warriors are damn lucky to have this guy on the team because he's become a leader. When he's on the floor, everything seems to flow a little better. He seems to have great timing for making big plays. For instance, off of a Barnes offensive board, Jax was about to pull up from 3, but found a cutting JRich for an uncontested layin. He also had a few big 3's down the stretch to keep the Mavs away.

Matt "Mohawk" Barnes
Was he big or what? He was Mr. Hustle out there tonight. He had two big offensive rebounds to keep possessions alive that led to buckets. Then, after JRich blocked Devin Harris's breakaway layup (which was NOT a foul), Barnes threw in the dagger with a corner 3 ball over Dirk. His hustle, excellent D, and efficiency on the offensive end were all the little things that the Warriors needed tonight. Plus he sported the mohawk.

Jason Richardson
He struggled tonight but had a couple of key buckets. He shot 5-12 for 13 points which isn't terrible, but it was the way he did it. He went 1-7 from 3 and 2-4 from the line. I really thought JRich was going to step it up tonight, but thank goodness for Baron. I think Wednesday will be JRich's night. He just doesn't have two bad games in a row and now he's got the playoff jitters out of his system. These Dallas fans crack me up.

Dirk Nowitzki
Who is this guy? I haven't seen the MVP candidate when he plays the Warriors. 14 points and 4-16 from the field, 12 rebounds, 4 assists, 2 steals, 3 blocks, and 1 LOSS. Except for the one dunk he had, he played soft. For the entire game, he was bigger than any Warrior player yet couldn't manage to post up or get a rhythm going. I've never seen a potential MVP play with such little aggression, fire, and a complete inability to lead his team. The Warriors once again did an excellent job on him by completely harassing him no matter who was guarding him. Whether it was Jax, Baron, JRich, Pietrus, or Monta, the Warriors made life miserable for him by constantly bringing the double team. Dirk could have turned the game around late in the game by hitting what would have been a humongous shot. With the Warriors up 2 and Dirk trailing a Dallas fast break, he spotted up wide open from his favorite spot on the arc. The result, a long miss and a Warrior rebound. If he hit that shot, Mavs go up 1 and the momentum completely shifts. It's hard for me to believe that he'll play this poorly for more than 1 game because he's been so good against every other team. But this Warrior team really knows how to defend him and if they can keep up the intensity on Dirk, it'll give them a great shot to win each and every game.

By the way, what's up with the Dallas big 3, Dirk, Josh Howard, and Jason Terry? Dirk played poorly, Josh Howard disappeared in the 4th quarter and so did Jason Terry. These are supposed to be the playoff vets. Can you say shut down?

Devin Harris
He played a great game, better than I thought he was capable of. He was just too quick for the Warriors to guard him on the perimeter especially when he gets that running start. On most of the drives, the Warriors gave him way too much room to get started. If you give a quick guy that much room, he's going to beat you every time and he did. Atma wisely pointed out that he's less effective when he goes left. So the two things to work on to slow him down are to get in his face more to be a little physical with him and if he going to beat you, make him beat you going left. Honestly though, I'd rather have him scoring than any of the other Dallas players.

Avery's Lineup
He started small and it didn't produce much as neither team really shot well in the first half. But he also went big in the 4th with both Diop and Dirk in the game and that's when the Warriors pulled away. Nellie played the same way he's been playing it for the past 20 games while Avery decided to switch it up. Avery needs to go with what worked the entire year and not make these changes. Dirk at center? Diop and Damp on the bench? It's amazing how the Warriors lineup can force even the best team in the league (record-wise) to be scared of getting run off the court if they don't try to run with the Warriors. It's ridiculous, but I think Nellie is already in Avery's head. The Mavs should be trying to impose their game on the Warriors, not adapting to what the Warriors do. Funny how that worked out tonight and will be interesting to see what happens in game 2.

Random Notes
Now I know the Warriors haven't been on national tv that much this season and they really just hit the national scene big time with their hot run to close the season, but TNT needs to learn the Warriors' names and how to pronounce them. Here are a couple of the blunders:

Junior Harrington? When did the Warriors pick up the Grizzlies 3rd string point guard?
Stephen Davis? Isn't he a running back on the St. Louis Rams?
Michael Pietrus? Dick Stockton, let me help you with the pronunciation. Say it with me, My-kel Pee-trus.

Zorgon and GSoM are big time!
He made it on tv not once, not twice, but three times with his awesome Unstoppable Baby sign. Atma first noticed it on the Diop free throws in the 4th quarter. Then during the Stephen Jackson post game interview, we saw him again. Lastly, KTVU news showed his sign on their 10 o'clock news. Sweet. Props to Zorgon for reppin the Warriors and GSoM big time in enemy territory.

Yahoo loves GSoM

Even Yahoo gives us respect. Unstoppable Baby!

It hasn't been this much fun to be a Warriors fan in a long time. So here's something that might warm your Warrior loving hearts. Here are a few frustrated comments from our friends over at Mavs Moneyball. It's funny, they still think that the Mavs lost the game, not that the Warriors won it. Maybe after reading the recap they will change their minds.

smt83: Dirk isn't living up the the MVP title...he has to step it up...he played like he was in 1st gear all night...I don't know what it is but the Warriors bring out the worst in us...WE NEED A LEADER...WHERE IS THE LEADER ON THIS TEAM...DIRK? J-HO? JET? Nobody tonight....

smt83why the hell does Stack think he is michael jordan?!?!?! He is the difference maker for this team and he played like balls...props to the Warrior THE ACTUALLY SHOWED UP!!!! We need to figure out who the hell we are and why we are the number one seed!!! This was embarassing...

brodyv: going to be some soul searching tonight... and a clinic on defending the perimeter tomorrow.

chevs10zr2: was that even a playoff game? where are the cowbells? where is dirk? where is damp? For once barkley made a good comment... WHERE IS THE LINEUP THAN WON US 67 games!!!!?????

For Wednesday's Game 2
Mavs fans, you haven't seen anything yet. This team is more than just Baron Davis. Tonight's Warrior team isn't nearly the same Warriors team that we've seen that past 20 games. If the Warriors step it up like they're capable of where the entire team is hitting on all cylinders, it will be a much higher scoring game. You know how this is an uncharacteristic win for the Warriors? Just 16 assists tonight. The Mavs denied the Warriors a chance to play their open court game by slowing the game down, but the Warriors were able to adapt their game and bring home the W. That's a great sign for the Warriors. Also, the Mavs fans will say the same thing about their team, that their team hitting on all cylinders will win. So it'll be a lot of fun to see both teams come out big in game 2.

Do I even have to tell you this one? Baron Davis baby! He came out big tonight and carried the team. We'll need more of the same the rest of the series if we want to knock off the #1 seed.


Also see PLAYOFF OPEN THREAD: Game 1 - Warriors @ Dallas - It's Time for over 300 comments on the game.

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its 3 hours since the game in, and I'm still in disbelief! We shocked the world! One Dub!
Playoff Rally 2006-2007

by tadams1080 on Apr 22, 2007 11:54 PM PDT   0 recs

it is so hard to stay
logical and rational after Game 1, if Warriors win Game 2.... f--- it, I'm gonna start talking about sweeps, Warriors sweeping Dallas that is.

by ZombieWarrior on Apr 23, 2007 12:04 AM PDT   0 recs

i am sure we are all happy that our warriors
have won their first playoff game in 15 years... however, i am also happy to invite brodyv to our discussion here at gsom. he said he would be back sunday, but i do not see him posting around here at all. time for some humble pie(at least until wednesday). :0

by stedanko on Apr 23, 2007 12:08 AM PDT   0 recs

Personally, I think that is a terrible nickname...

by wander7 on Apr 23, 2007 12:16 AM PDT   0 recs

Great Game
I just got back from the game not too long ago and I'm still hyped about the win. I saw Zorgon before the game, but apparently you saw him more than I did.

I'm not going to repeat what's already been said, but a couple personal notes:

  1. It was awesome sitting in a luxury box. It was my first time, but I could definitely do that again. Didn't get to go down on the court (don't know if the owner would have allowed a Warrior fan close enough to get in players' heads), but I would've been satisfied with nosebleeds if it meant I could've been there to watch the first Warrior playoff win in 15 years.
  2. The crowd really wasn't that into it. They got loud a couple times, but the Warriors shut them up pretty quickly. For a team that usually has a pretty good crowd they were surprisingly subdued. I suppose the play of the Warriors had something to do with that.
  3. The guy next to me in the box claimed foul on the J-Rich block, but after watching the replay even he said that it was clean. I'm just glad the guy didn't beat me up after the game like he said he would if the Warriors won. He was pretty big and is into mixed martial arts.
All in all a great game and a great time out (remember that slogan?). I'm not getting my hopes up to be able to go again, but hey, crazier things have happened.

Go Warriors!

I believe. One dub!

by xacto on Apr 23, 2007 12:17 AM PDT   0 recs

this was mentioned to me by someone else
but did anyone else see Mark Cuban shoulder-bumping several Warriors, the last one being Jrich, after the game?? Classic.

that Mark Cuban cracks me up.


by ZombieWarrior on Apr 23, 2007 12:21 AM PDT   0 recs

yeah, I caught that at the end too! Too funny man! I might not sure which reporter it was, but KNBR even made mention of it that someone said Mark Cuban looked like a 10 year old boy who got his bike stolen by a girl! LOL! GO DUBS!

by pne987 on Apr 23, 2007 10:07 AM PDT to parent up   0 recs

Game thoughts
Wow the first Warrior win in the playoffs in 15 years! That's seriously unstoppable baby!
  • Thank god for Boom Dizzle: That was an MVP type 2nd half. He was knocking down BIG shots, driving to the lane hard, drawing fouls, hitting his free throws, playing great D. The only thing you could ask for is for BD to shave that beard!
  • The Mavs are scared- I think Charles Barkley nailed it- why are the Mavs going out of their way to match up to the Warriors? They're the ones who won 67 games in the regular season. By changing their starting unit they admitted that they were scared.
  • Warrior tempo- The 1st half was just bizarre. The Warriors are lucky that they crashed the boards in the 1st quarter (major props to BD and Barnes). In the 2nd half it was all about Warrior tempo and defense.
  • SHUT DOWN- Did the Warriors really shut out the Mavs for over 6.5 minutes in the 4th quarter? Only people who don't do their HW will tell you that the Warriors don't play D. That's just nonsense.
  • Devin Harris- Can we please push this guy left and force him to shoot jumpers? It's really that simple. Man, this guy is one annoying flop artist. That flop on JR bringing the ball up should've got him a yellow card.
  • Avery please play Damp more!- I'm just waiting to see JRich throw it down on him... HARD.
  • Refs- They're treating the Mavs like the #1 seed and the Warriors like the 8th seed. The Mavs deserve that respect. Just wait though. Some day it will be the Warriors.
  • The Blocks- BD's BIG block and JR's even bigger block on Devin  "Flop" Harris were pivotal. Emphatic swats that meant more than just a number in the box score.
  • Barnes Baby!- His 24 minutes off the bench were BIG. Non-stop hustle. That play where he stole the rock from Dirk off the missed free throw said it all. The Warriors got heart, but the Mavs are soft.
  • WIN GAME 2: If the Warriors have any chance of winning this series they have to come up big again in Game 2 to prove that this wasn't a fluke in the playoffs. I can promise you that they won't shoot 35% from the field again in the entire playoffs. JRich and Monta especially need to step up big. I'm predicting big Game 2's from them like FJ. They'll get over their playoff jitters fast.
But most importantly...

(like that old Sprewell commercial)

by Atma Brother ONE on Apr 23, 2007 12:25 AM PDT   0 recs

# Devin Harris- Can we please push this guy left and force him to shoot jumpers? It's really that simple. Man, this guy is one annoying flop artist. That flop on JR bringing the ball up should've got him a yellow card.

Avery please play Damp more!- I'm just waiting to see JRich throw it down on him... HARD.

hahah I think every Texas team has their signature flopper.

+Houston - Shane Battier
+San Antonio - mainly Manu "the Flop" Ginobli, but even he influenced fellow Argentian Oberto to flop as well.
+Dallas - Devin Harris. I was watching the highlights, and did anyone else notice that Devin Harris was dragging down J-Rich's arm as he fell down?  I guess that's what you get for floppin' like a pancake.

by MVP on Apr 23, 2007 1:22 AM PDT to parent up   0 recs

I guess every contender team needs a good flopper

by ZombieWarrior on Apr 23, 2007 1:50 AM PDT to parent up   0 recs

we just lost our best flopper
see my pic.  lol.

barnes >>>> dunleavy

by thewarriorsrule on Apr 23, 2007 7:48 PM PDT to parent up   0 recs

"unstoppable baby" no longer ironic
alanis couldn't have written a more ironic tagline.  really she can't.  but, i must say what was great about last night's victory is that nellie beat the mavs with a half court, zone defense.  not a transition game.  avery did well slowing the tempo down, but the warriors responded.  so, we can dominate in playoff hoops as well?  i would like to see more contesting open layups however.  defend the rim.  however, maybe keeping the flow of the game was more important than preventing an easy 2.  last night was historic for the dub nation.

by eshock on Apr 23, 2007 9:45 AM PDT to parent up   0 recs

Biggest feeling I came away with
Was that this happened without the warriors doing many of the things I felt they had to do to win the game. Ball movement wasn't always there, they didn't run as much as I'm sure they wanted to, turned the ball over too much and it wasn't a hot shooting night for anyone but BD.

This really makes me confident about our chances in this series. Plus, we now have home court advantage.

by SkipT on Apr 23, 2007 12:27 AM PDT   0 recs

Avery simply cannot play Diop or Dampier
the extra rebounding and shot blocking they add does not come close to making up for their inablity to guard  al harrington or stephen jackson. The only bigs that can play against us are good offensive bigs, basically stars like Yao or Duncan
More Hardware Coming!

by gsw4life on Apr 23, 2007 12:38 AM PDT   0 recs

that game
proved that nellie is on dallas' head.  One game note that others had failed to mention...


even if the dallas went into some kind of run, they wouldnt win because they were out of timeouts.  AVERY was outnellied by Nellie.



by VonteegoCummings on Apr 23, 2007 12:46 AM PDT   0 recs

Cowbells and Damp are not the answer
That comment from chevs10zr2 is hilarious.

I've got a fever. And the only prescription is more cowbell.

by jgurney on Apr 23, 2007 1:20 AM PDT   0 recs

He has really come on strong the past month and the warriors must bring him back next year. It will probably come down to him or pietrus and it seems pretty obvious barnes is the choice. Mavs say they can shoot a lot better but so can the warriors, i think jrich,harrington and monta combined for 24 pts.

by houseofprime2 on Apr 23, 2007 1:32 AM PDT   0 recs

It dont matta
what the haters say, cause they were wrong again.
Trade was better for the Pacers - WRONG
Al Harrington and Stephen Jackson are selfish/ cant coexist with current Warriors - WRONG
Golden State wont make the playoffs - WRONG
The regular season dominance of the Mavericks is more of a fluke than anything else - WRONG
The Mavericks will sweep the series when the games actually matter - WRONG

The same Mavericks showed up to tonights games, and we beat them down again.  Even in a low scoring game, even when the 3s didn't fall,even when we were out rebounded, even when they shot more free throws than us,even when they play all their players, WE WON.  Are you nervous yet Mavs fans, cause if we can take you in Dallas, you dont even want to know whats gonna happen when you come to the Bay.

by FoyledAgain on Apr 23, 2007 1:35 AM PDT   0 recs

Let me start by apologizing by making my first ever GSOM post on the night of their biggest win in a generation.  Yeah, I'm a tool, I know.  Been following GSOM since the end of last year, just never got around to registering to post till now. Also, I originally posted this comment in the game thread on accident. My bad.

Anyway, I think the recap here might be a little tough on J-Rich.  He didn't have a good game, but I think it was better than his stats, and definitely not worse.  His cut the the basket (on the assist from Jax), the put-back in traffic, and obviously his block on Harris were big time plays.  I know we're all a little disappointed cause he didn't come up huge in his first playoff game, but let's not be too tough on the guy.

Also, I can only imagine that Damp played so few minutes cause he's still not healthy.  If that's the case, his injury's the single greatest contribution he's made to the Warriors in his career.

"Baron Davis is a beast."
-posted on Mavs Moneyball, 4/22/06

by Backcourt in Motion on Apr 23, 2007 1:39 AM PDT   0 recs

this is true

by GameSix on Apr 23, 2007 7:30 AM PDT to parent up   0 recs

Point taken, but JRich is supposed to be a big time player and I felt he didn't show up. He did a few good things, but certainly not enough if we're really going to win the series. The Mavs aren't going to shoot 30-something percent the entire series so the Warriors are going to need JRich to step up. This game should not have been this close. The Warriors needed to pull away in the first half more. Sorry, but I expect more from JRich. I hold him to higher standards than Barnes, Pietrus, Monta, and Al.

I love the guy, but he disappointed me last night. I know he'll step it up in game 2 though.

by Fantasy Junkie on Apr 23, 2007 3:31 PM PDT to parent up   0 recs

one thing about JR
even when he's not blowing up offensively you always see him skying for rebounds, that is heartining.

by redape on Apr 23, 2007 4:41 PM PDT to parent up   0 recs

Oh Boy!
Long time reader, first time poster. Let me just say first that you got a great thing going here on GSoM, following along on the site these last couple of weeks has made it that much more special.

Man, I still can't believe what our boys did tonight! I've read all the analysis, the "expert" breakdowns... it just goes to show that sometimes it's best to go with what you know, and that's what we Warrior fans know our team is truly capable of. The experts didn't know, and apparently the Mavericks still don't. One Dub!

To quote Baron Davis from the postgame interview:

by orangino on Apr 23, 2007 1:43 AM PDT   0 recs


by redape on Apr 23, 2007 9:22 AM PDT to parent up   0 recs

matchup nightmare for mavs!
i believe.

mavs only has one superstar in dirk.  so long as warriors can contain dirk, the rest of the mavs is just a collection of avg. / above average players that the warriors match better with.

nellie ball!

by soylatte1234 on Apr 23, 2007 2:02 AM PDT   0 recs

WE BELONG!!!!  everyone will know who we are by the end of the series!!!  

by gogomaplata on Apr 23, 2007 3:44 AM PDT   0 recs

That was beautiful!
I wasn't feeling confident at the start of the game, given the sloppy play in the 1st quarter.  I thought they might unravel due to game 1/playoff jitters, but, even if they were nervous, Dallas seemed just as sloppy. But they pulled it together, and have given me more hope than I could have hoped for.  (And a few laughs too, watching that buffoon Cuban get all riled up courtside.)
Maybe it's just down to who's hungrier, and you just have to look at the two teams to figure that out.  And if, I mean WHEN, the Warriors fire on all cylinders, people all over the country -- who haven't seen the team we've been lucky to see over the past few weeks -- are going to be asking, "Who are these guys?"  
By the way, I look forward to seeing Dampier get torched, payback for all the space he wasted, for all his lazy play and not giving a damn, back when he was a "Warrior."  Bleak memories that this Warrior team is erasing with a vengeance.  
(Sorry for the bad writing.  I just can't believe what's going on, after all the years of Dampiers, Joe Smiths, St. Jean, the Sprewell incident, the Webber fiasco, etc.)

by Ray of Lite on Apr 23, 2007 6:46 AM PDT   0 recs

By Dampiers and Joe Smiths, I mean all the wasted picks, bad contracts, high expectations and low returns, nice but relatively untalented players, talented but soft and selfish players -- all that stuff that we endured for so long.

by Ray of Lite on Apr 23, 2007 6:52 AM PDT to parent up   0 recs

Was Jackson and Baron. Baron we all know why but I think Jackson was HUGE last night on the defensive end and offensively. He made a couple key 3pters late in the game but I love his intensity when on D.

Apart from that what made me so thrilled last night was the passing from everyone. A couple times we got sloppy but everyone cut to the basket and we played team ball ... it was gorgeous!

by YaoButtaMing on Apr 23, 2007 7:12 AM PDT   0 recs

@ fantasy junkie
Very good recap, touched upon all the great points.  Just a bit harsh on Jrich as another poster touched upon earlier.  The thing I've seen most out of him since his return is that he has totally given himself up to the needs of the team.  In the games leading up to his return a coupla months ago, we were getting absolutely CRUSHED on the boards.  What does he come in and do?  Double digit boards, right out of the gate in his return versus Memphis.  He is subjugating himself to the team, and it has payed dividends.  

When the team needs him, he has been there.

The closing statements of the recap are also spot on: we won this game despite our bad play.  I mean, the mavs missed a TON of layups, but aj made us slow our game and held us below our averages in a lot of categories.  Until that explosion at the very end of the fourth, it was a wire job the whole way through.  Does anybody really believe that this series will go less than six games?  Vegas had the mavs by 9.5...I wonder what the line for game 2 will be?  Probably similar.

By the way, it was a pleasure meeting the #1 Adonal fan...haha

My experience sitting amongst the enemy?  A big, overwhelming "meh."  Those glow thunderstick things were nuts at player intros...but after that, a palpable nervous energy took over and they knew they were in for a game.  Frankly, i'm much more envious of the gsomers that will be in oakland for game 3.  It's going to be absolute craziness.

by GameSix on Apr 23, 2007 7:47 AM PDT   0 recs

Most definitely, JRich has stepped up his game for the team in the last month. He's sacrificing his shots and points to make sure the team wins. But keep in mind that my criticism is from only last night, not the past month. So just because he's done well in the past month, doesn't give him a pass for not playing close to as well as he could last night. I expect a lot from JRich night in and night out and felt he didn't hit those expectations.

by Fantasy Junkie on Apr 23, 2007 3:35 PM PDT to parent up   0 recs

"doesn't give him a pass"
Like you said, game one jitters.  He also pretty much reiterated what you said, saying that game 2 tonight will be "his game" and he expects a breakout.  

by GameSix on Apr 25, 2007 11:15 AM PDT to parent up   0 recs

I loved that we weren't getting the steals and fastbreaks in the first half and Nelson totally went to a different game plan.  We still had a few fastbreaks but we started posting up with BoomDizzle and running some half court ball.

The defense on Dirk was so great to watch.  No matter who was on him.  I think Monta even got switched on to him a couple times and kept pestering him.

The most optimistic outlook for the rest of the series is that Monta, TMNT & Jrich scored 27 points combined.  All three of them are capable of scoring 20+.  We're not as deep as some of them teams in the playoffs but we've got a lot of scoring options.  Probably the key factor for NellieBall.

Gotta wear some Warriors gear today.  Can't wait til Wednesday.

J.cob -greatest accomplishment: coming up with the Golden State of Mind name.

by jdotcob on Apr 23, 2007 7:53 AM PDT   0 recs

jrich and pietrus...
...these guys were my pics to be most affected by the idea of being in the playoffs.  for baron, the bigger the game the better, harrington seems pretty unflappable, and we know jax is nails.  monta and biedrins haven't been waiting that long, so i figured they'd pass.  pietrus always makes me nervous when the heat gets turned up, and i unfairly pictured him throwing the ball away twice and being benched, ala MP06.  jrich, being the longest "suffering" warrior (other than adonal, but sadly, he doesn't really count, and that's too bad), had the most potential to play a little faster than he should, and to be generally thrown out of his rhythm by the excitement of the experience.  his shot obviously reflected this, but his heart still carried him to a very productive game all-around.  pietrus impressed as well, not hitting his open 3's, which would have been a bonus, but playing controlled and not making any glaring mistakes. the others have said, jrich will settle in, especially given how much he has to be aware of baron's overwhelming contribution last night.  this game went about as well as you can hope on so many fronts.  we have at least one big game guy who didn't have a big game, and we still won.  spread it around boys.

...and bring on the dampier/diop experiment.  biedrins needs his chance as well.

by 321 IN n OUT on Apr 23, 2007 8:33 AM PDT   0 recs

nice icon
lol. that's a great icon.  barnes head is a lil big though

by thewarriorsrule on Apr 23, 2007 7:52 PM PDT to parent up   0 recs

needs mohawk, lol.

by orangino on Apr 23, 2007 8:47 PM PDT to parent up   0 recs

great points by all!
I was impressed by the bench production last night. Barnes and Pietrus both played composed, controlled, and focused ball. We've debated about this all year, but Barnes point forward abilities and also ability to spread the ball with dribble penetration was MORE than needed last night when the long jumpers weren't falling. PLus it was nice to see him initiating the break on a few occasions getting the Warriors running. Pietrue played some solid defense doing some the not-so-"cute" stuff that we all know him for. I appreciated the couple of nice dunks and tight blocks last night. Good to see folks working together on offense and defense!

by dj fuzzylogic on Apr 23, 2007 8:48 AM PDT   0 recs

junior harrington lol
haha yea i caught that too. i think it was fratello who said it. lol.

by nykeedunks on Apr 23, 2007 8:53 AM PDT   0 recs

1st road win for Warriors in 15 years...last century...1992?! I feel like all Warriors fans should play the lottery...not that this team got lucky, but that our luck is finally turning around!

Does anyone know a good bookie in the Bay Area? I'm looking to make a few Warriors bets!  (Not to mention the other playoff series are blowin' up...check out Denver-SA!)

Not Golden State Warriors. OAKLAND WARRIORS!

by JmakemeRichinlasvegas on Apr 23, 2007 9:10 AM PDT   0 recs

FSN versus TNT
I mostly watched the FSN coverage of the game because Barnett and Fitz were much better than the TNT guys, but it seemed that the picture quality on TNT was much more vibrant than on FSN. Did anyone else notice that?

by jashugan on Apr 23, 2007 9:14 AM PDT   0 recs

I watched TNT
just to see what the rest of the country was getting as their introduction to the dubs.  it was piss poor coverage of our boys.  besides not even getting the names right all they showed were mavs highlights.  keep feeding the fire and let's keep rolling you dubs!

can you guys imagine the old murphleavy warriors going that hard all game.  this was a case of (per skeptic) our oakland n.h.h's strutting into the gleaming house party of the annointed, spolied mavs.  baron walked in there and punched the biggest cat in the nose and jax crapped on their carpet.  barnes ate everything out of the fridge and stole all their liquor.  we talked about getting tougher after the trade but this is redubulous!  

by redape on Apr 23, 2007 9:30 AM PDT   0 recs

Funny Stuff
That is a hilarious analogy.

by DrDre on Apr 23, 2007 12:46 PM PDT to parent up   0 recs

Reminds me of the My Space Party from Hell.

So, metaphorically speaking ... who left the used condoms all over the bedroom?

by Sleepy Freud on Apr 23, 2007 2:32 PM PDT to parent up   0 recs

Don Nelson?
Is the only one I could think of that would fit that role.

by jpgarfunkle on Apr 23, 2007 3:15 PM PDT to parent up   0 recs

no doubt
Nellie!  He was the one, ermmmm (family show) having relations with his old squad.

by redape on Apr 23, 2007 3:19 PM PDT to parent up   0 recs

Simple thoughts.
This is just freaking fantastic.
a. Hopefully the youngsters show up wednesday.
b. tnt is godawful, but i'd love to watch steven davis play.
c. JRich's block was a great non-call. The refs called that one right and let the game be decided by the right guys, not the zeebs.
d. why can't we win on wednesday?
e. see a.

by justin on Apr 23, 2007 9:36 AM PDT   0 recs

The focus on Baron
You gotta think the unbelievable play by Baron is going to once again throw Dallas off their game for Game 2. Listening to Avery in the postgame conference, he was very disappointed with the D on Baron. Let them worry about Baron, once we get those double teams we'll frustrate them with Monta, J-Rich and Al. (And Pietrus! Come on MP!)

by orangino on Apr 23, 2007 9:41 AM PDT   0 recs

devon george = teh suck
I happened to be sitting next to some chill dallas fans, and they were on board w/me as to the lame nature of both george and damp.  When they put george on davis, we all took note; NOT ONCE except for a bogus charge call did devon george stop baron from blowing past him.  He's just...bad.  He's the western conference version of antoine walker for me.

by GameSix on Apr 23, 2007 11:37 AM PDT to parent up   0 recs

deveon george is the luckiest man alive. got 3 rings doing nothing riding shotgun or perhaps just lounging in the backseat to kobe and shaq and now gets to play for anoter top notch team. at least he got exposed for suckin'

by dj fuzzylogic on Apr 23, 2007 11:40 AM PDT to parent up   0 recs

It's official....this is REAL
i have no problem accepting that the warriors 2-year ownage of the mavs isn't all that real.  with the exception of the 17-game winning streak buster, none of those games involved the key players of this series.

HOWEVER, if you're going to analyze like that, then you're also going to have to throw out the regular season record for the warriors...and just look at our record since we had time to gel with a new coach, players returning from injury, new players, and young kids.

Our play since Baron came back is real...and because of all of the new parts coming makes sense.  It's not just a team going through a hot streak.  This is a new, different, brave team.

That's all I have to PASS THE PEAS

by TMC Forever on Apr 23, 2007 9:51 AM PDT   0 recs

best defensive game all season - and we didnt even get alot of steals

jrich great first game.

there were so many endings to this game like lord of the rings.

1 baron going off
2 jrich blocks the shit out of harris
3 jackson hits that 3 pointer
4 dirk missed that 3 pointer

by stevenro59 on Apr 23, 2007 9:52 AM PDT   0 recs

JAX final seconds of the game...
In the final seconds of game when JAX was dribbling out the clock, he was standing right next to the fans on the sideline looking real bad ass. Did anyone catch that? Was he trying to tick off the exiting Mav's fan?

by Cutchpuck on Apr 23, 2007 11:03 AM PDT   0 recs

One Game at a Time

Hell yes Warrior Nation, last night went down just we scripted, yay? Damn right. Our first playoff win since game 2 of the 1992 opening round playoff series against Seattle was sweeter than 100 percent high fructose corn syrup.

But let's not count our championship rings before they're cast. Over the course of last night's game, we saw pretty much all of the Warriors' warts exposed -- fortunately Baron, SJax, and our D kept Dallas too befuddled to go on the offensive.

Especially in the first half, the team seemed to fall back into its bad habit of launching deep, off-balance jumpers with nobody underneath to rebound. There seemed to be no offensive flow or plan whatsoever. Even with an uptempo game, half court offense wins playoffs, as Baron demonstrated in the third quarter.

Stop with the jump passes. Time after time in the first half, the Warriors would drive madly to the hoop, get cut off by the D, jump into the air and have to lay off bad passes to avoid traveling calls. Jump passes are very bad form and execution, and playing that kind of ball is going to catch up to us sooner or later.

Too many turnovers. Again, especially in the first half, when we weren't missing unmakable jumpers, we were spinning, jump-passing, and wildly flipping the ball all over the place. Again, the Mavericks are going to play better, and the Warriors need to get a little bit more control over their game, and that means taking advantage of each and every possession.

We're as wildly ecstatic as everybody else in Warrior Nation, and we do believe the Warriors can and will beat the Mavericks in this series. However, last night's performance may not be good enough to win a game four, five, or six in this series. The Mavericks are going to adjust and if the Warriors want to move on to face Houston/Utah, they need to be more efficient, more controlled, and more precise with their shot selection and ball handling.

As the for the good stuff, well nobody points it out better than the staff and readers of GSOM. What you all said! The Dubs have a huge task in front of them, but for today at least, it's party time in Warriorsland. Believe it.

The TruthMaker

by TruthMaker on Apr 23, 2007 11:54 AM PDT   0 recs

we did our job
as a road team we went into the other teams house and snatched homecourt away. now the pressure has mounted on dallas in a series where the pressure was already 100% on them in the first place. this gives us basically a free swing in game two. we can come out and play totally lose knowing that we have two games coming up at oracle where we've been dominant this season. i don't think the warriors should be the favorite in the series yet, but it's definitely closer than it was before.

by AJC3317 on Apr 23, 2007 12:06 PM PDT   0 recs

I hope
...people keep bitching about how Dallas shouldn't have changed their lineup. Maybe Avery will cave and actually play Dampier...we all know that would be a godsend for us.

by SpreeForThree on Apr 23, 2007 1:44 PM PDT   0 recs

National Media Might be our Friend
I agree with Spree.  If they keep criticizing Avery, he may fall into the trap of playing his bigs.  They'll see what types of mismatch problems get created.  

By the way, I was having so much fun watching Monta guard Dirk (effectively) last night!

by ViveAirFrance on Apr 23, 2007 2:18 PM PDT   0 recs

Some more news
Today's reads are interesting.  People are having a frenzy over the game and you have to love the fact that the Dubs are on everyone's dial now.  I'm still laughing at the Mavs fans that dismiss the fact that they've been beaten down all season and can turn it around on Avery's reinstallation of their regular lineup.  How much more evidence do you need to realize that you've been owned?  I'm not saying that we'll sweep, but you have to like the chances of winning, particularly when 2 of the next 3 games are at home, where the Dubs played better most of the season.  Here's some more material to waste your time by:

by NY Warriors Fan on Apr 23, 2007 2:38 PM PDT   0 recs

Game 2 will be better played
Now that both the Dubs and Mavs have their first game playoff jitters out of the way, I think that game 2 is going to be really well played.  I'm sure the FG%'s will be much higher and we won't see as many missed put backs and layups as we did last night.

BoomDizzle's play in the 3rd was insanely awesome and it was obvious that Nellie was trying to slow it down and play half court ball. He musta drank a lot of scotch to come up with that gameplan.  Never would have expected an intentional half court game!

But keep runnin, Dubs, and Great things will come!

by CNote on Apr 23, 2007 2:51 PM PDT   0 recs

I agree about the play-by-play announcer.  The other TNT broadcasters usually do a good job, but Dick Stockton is inept.  He did a Warriors game for TNT a few years ago, and similarly was mispronouncing names and mis-identifying players.  Last night, on separate occasions, he called both Jackson and Richardson, Al Harrington.

by wg on Apr 23, 2007 3:29 PM PDT   0 recs

Thanks for the recap.  What a gift after having to watch the Warriors play for the first 60 games this year.  The Warriors showed how size does not matter if you hustle, play energetic D and take good shots.  Warriors in 6!!!
Nothing better than "The City".

by philsmith75 on Apr 23, 2007 4:42 PM PDT   0 recs

amazing victory last night
and I was watching the game at the Old Pro bar in Palo Alto. The energy there was off the hook and I was loving all the HD screens all over the bar.

my favorite moment was toward the end of the fourth qtr. and the W's were pullin away.....the camera had a close up of Mark Cuban and he was having an absolute shit kiniption!!!

Totally hilarious!!!!!!! What a little bitch yo!

One thing is for sure........our boy Boom Dizzle is for real 4-sho!

Go Warriors!!!!!!!!!!

by mrod on Apr 23, 2007 5:06 PM PDT   0 recs

Great recap.  The Warriors were awful in the 1st Half.  They were electric in the 2nd.  BD....J-Rich's block and Barnes late 3 were the difference.  

I hope the Mavs didn't think that was our best shot.  Wait until Dallas gets a load of our kid Monta.  Ellis will bounce back.  I'd be surprised if J-Rich didn't go for at least 30 in Game 2.

I have to laugh about any talk of Dampier in this Series.  We remember that stiff.  He had 1 good year- his contract year.  He wasn't even that good then- he just got his #'s on a terrible team.  If he plays the Warriors win.  If he doesn't they win- obviously.

If Dirk doesn't start hitting his J- it's OVER.  He needs to get hot- real hot- or Dallas is in  deep water.  Stackhouse doesn't scare anyone.  Howard isn't going to carry anybody- and Terry is inconsistent as Hell.  

Golden State has Boom- probably the best player in the Series  (sorry Dirky).  We got a bunch of talent behind him- and like Baron said after the game- They're HUNGRY.  

Go Warriors.

by Raining Ice on Apr 23, 2007 8:41 PM PDT   0 recs

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