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PLAYOFF RECAP: Warriors 109, Mavs 91 - 20,629 STRONG.

I don't know if this makes any sense at all, but here goes. Last night felt so good to be part of Dub Nation that I actually felt bad for the Dallas Mavericks.

Final Box Score

At least WE had a great time out!

We're their worst nightmare.

Best team in the NBA? HAHAHAHA
This season the Dallas Mavericks won 67 games, good for one of the best regular season records in NBA history.

Hey congratulations.

But who cares?

It's kinda funny how much we're inside their heads.

That was the regular season. This is the playoffs. NONE of those 67 wins came against the Warriors, but 3 of those 15 losses did. NONE of those 67 wins mean anything right now. The only record that matters is Warriors 2, Mavs 1 with the home court advantage belonging to the Warriors.

For those of you keeping track, the Warriors have now won 8 out of the last 10 games against the Mavs (3 of 4 in the 2k5-2k6 regular season, 3 of 3 in the 2k6-2k7 regular season, and 2 of 3 in the 2007 NBA Playoffs). In any sport a .800 winning percentage against another team is what we call "OWNAGE".

The Warriors OWN the Mavs. Anyone who isn't ready to admit that is just acting foolish (ahem, the national hoops commentators who didn't do their homework, the quiet and soft Mavs' fans, and the b-rate Dallas sports media).


Great teams have a certain mystique about them. Even when opponents are up by 10 or the game's close, you know the great team is going to pull it out in the end. Great teams toy with the opposition, especially 8th seeds. The Mavs are NOT a great team.

I haven't had the chance to run this pic since GSoM friend Damon Bruce's nicknamed "Dunmurphy Sisters" left town, but thank you Dallas...

Reality Check: The Mavs are soft- Charmin soft.

Greater than the sum of their parts
Let's run through the key stats from the game:

  • Field Goals: Mavs 38.8% (31-80) vs Warriors 48.1% (39-81) - Edge Warriors. The Mavs missed a ton of good looks at the basket, but the Warriors have had better shooting nights too.

  • 3-point Shooting: Mavs 26.7% (4-15) vs Warriors 26.1% (6-23) - Tie. Neither team shot the ball from downtown well.

  • Free Throws: Mavs 67.6% (25-37) vs Warriors 73.5% (25-34) - Tie. Props to the baseline sections in the arena for making it extra tough for the Mavs to collect those easy points from the free throw line. You could tell the home crowd was getting to Dirk when he missed those 2 FT's in a row. Still, both teams made the same amout of FT's so the game really wasn't won here.

  • Rebounds: Mavs 44 (17 offensive) vs Warriors 46 (12 offensive) - Edge Mavs. I'm actually amazed the Warriors came out on top in the end on the battle on the glass. For parts of the game it looked like the Warriors couldn't buy a rebound. The Mavs controlled the boards for the majority of the game and their 17 offensive boards kept this 18 point blowout from being a 40 point blowout. Props to the Warriors for outrebounding the big boys even if it was due to some padding at the end.

  • Assists : Turnovers: Mavs 16 assists : 16 turnovers vs Warriors 16 assists : 14 turnovers - Slight Edge Warriors. Neither team moved the ball particularly well or took care of the rock. This is pretty surprising when you consider how well the Warriors typically move the ball around at home.

These number sure don't indicate that the Warriors thoroughly dominated the Mavs in Oakland last night. So how did they do it? 2 reasons: 1) Heart and 2) The Golden Crowd.

The Warriors racked up a whopping 52 points in the paint to the Mavs' embarrassing 30. How does the smaller team dominate the points in the paint by that much? The 3 H's: HUSTLE, HUNGER, and HEART. Plain and simple, the smaller Warriors had it last night and the bigger Mavs didn't.

It's become commonplace for the national media, the Dallas media, and Mavs' fans to clown the Warriors as "midgets" and "thugs". I'll somewhat accept the "midget" claim, although when 6 feet and under people are calling guys over 6'6 "midgets" there's just something a strange. However, the "thug" claim is completely unwarranted and straight up silly. There are no criminals on this team. Sure, Action Jax has made some mistakes in the past, but if you don't think he's the first guy you'd want as a teammate, then you don't know how hoops and life works. The only crime these fellas have committed this spring is mentally torturing the Mavs.



  • Jason Richardson: JR came to play tonight on both sides of the floor. The one constant that he's brought to the table is his rebounding and he continued the great work on the glass tonight. His scoring must've drove Mavs' coach Avery Johnson nuts.

  • Baron Davis: Boom Dizzle kept taking it to the rack fearlessly, exposing the Mavs' Charmin soft interior. Again, height doesn't matter. The 3 H's do.

  • Stephen Jackson: Action Jackson wasn't looking to get his, he was looking to get others involved. He made his teammates better tonight with his passing and oncourt leadership. Now THAT's how you channel that emotion, Jax.

  • Matt Barnes: Can't knock the hustle of Barnes Baby! In typical fashion, Barnes was everywhere. Unlike Game 2, he played smart as well.

  • Andris Biedrins: Al Harrington has yet to show up in the series and rather than wait for him to stop being "shell shocked" if you will, Nellie elected to start Andris and it paid big dividends. Andris' rebounding and dunks made a tremendous difference tonight. Each time he threw it down, it ignited the home crowd.

  • Monta Ellis: Thanks for not dropping a trophy to start a home game a la Chris Webber 13 years ago. Ellis to the Rim had that killer instinct tonight and finally outplayed flopper Devin Harris in this series. There's a reason why Monta took home the Most Improved Player honors this season and the Mavs found out why tonight.


  • Brian McKnight: Man, that Anthem sounded good!

Brian's welcome here- ANYTIIIIME!

I'll just leave everyone with this: Don't ever forget, David beat Goliath.

The Golden Crowd
Last night's crowd set record levels for attendance and sitting up in the nosebleeds aka The People's Section I couldn't help but feel like I was in a surreal place.

Dub Nation was FIRED UP!

All those yellow shirts, all those crazy chants, all those playoff starved fans, and all that energy. I'd be lying if I told you this didn't seriously affect the Mavs' already fragile psyche.

You could SEE the power of The Oracle.

Some of the chants at the arena:

  • Let's go War-ri-ors! Sure, there's nothing spectacular about a chant like this, but in how many other arenas are the fans packing the stands and screaming this 17 minutes before tip-off? On my BART ride home 2 hours after the game at every stop folks were still pumped up and chanting this. It's amazing how much love the Bay has for this squad. Mavs fans got nothing on us.

So many Golden People- before the game even started!

  • DEE-FENSE!: The Warrior players heard these chants and reacted by bringing it on the defensive end. The Mavs heard these chants and reacted by choking on the offensive end.

  • Barkley Sucks! I know folks are mad at the Chuckster for saying the Warriors wouldn't win another game in this series, but I think everyone is taking Barkley a little too seriously. While he does definitely provide some valuable insights, he's mostly the jokester on TNT's Inside the NBA. Why does everyone place so much emphasis on what some goofy, old, friendly, cranky, smart, ring-less NBA-great has to say? (Ooooh, the contradictions.)

  • Cuban Sucks! How about we start the "Cohan Sucks!" chants before any these weird "Cuban Sucks!" chants? I have nothing but respect for Cuban. He's the best and most passionate owner in the NBA. Let's just say that if Mark Cuban owned the Warriors instead of the inept Chris Cohan there wouldn't be a 12 year playoff drought in the Bay Area.

Yo Mark don't look so sad-
Sell the Mavs and buy the Warriors!

The Oracle Arena in Oakland is the best home court advantage in the league. In the near future the Warriors are going to be a premiere free agent destination. People are going to want to play here for less money. 1-Bay.

Bandwagon GSoMers
Special shout out to Yahoo Sports and ESPN's Daily Dime (thanks xacto) for coming up with the catchy, "original" title Golden State of Mind.

Yahoo's NBA Page after Game 1.

ESPN's Daily Dime after Game 3.

Yahoo NBA and ESPN's Daily Dime- Ya'll been sleeping for quite some time. We've been doing this for this for years. Well, it's nice to see you guys are finally in a golden state of mind even if it took you some time to come around.


Prior to this game fan favorite Jason Richardson had turned out back to back mediocre performances in this series. It was just frustrating to watch him in Games 1 and 2 of this series. JR finally made it to the big stage this year and he wasn't showing the world what we've known for years: This man can ball. Tonight he showed the world just that by dropping 30 points and collecting 8 rodmans.
Oh ma word! Can you believe this crazy shot went in?

There were so many times last night when JRich or Die Flying was just on fire. Whether it was his insane behind the back and 1 layup or his crazy fast break communication and trey with Baron Davis, JR represented the Dubs to the fullest tonight.

Warriors Nation's dream resumes on Sunday.
The Mavs' nightmare resumes on Sunday.


Photos: Hash Photography, AFP/Getty Images/Jed Jacobsohn/ AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez

Also see: PLAYOFF OPEN THREAD: Game #3 - Warriors vs Mavs - Protect This House!


Warriors vs Mavs Series

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by pfree on Apr 28, 2007 12:14 PM PDT   0 recs

lol barkley sucks...cuban sucks
someone suggested those chants before game 3...i guess its better to be CLASSLESS than LIFELESS!

go warriors!!!!

by VonteegoCummings on Apr 28, 2007 12:21 PM PDT   0 recs

This was a great recap. It kept that atmosphere positive, and tackled some of the issues, such as Cuban isn't a bad owner and Barkley is just funny.

Only thing I disagree with is that the Mavericks ARE a great team. They would definately win the Finals if the Hornets or Clippers were in our position, hands down. We're just kryptonite.

The Mavs also have a good fanbase. Being down there with them I can tell you that they have some good and dedicated fans (although not NEAR as dedicated as us). Don't rag on them just cause we're the best.

The SEEING the power of the Oracle was a great Photo. What was that?

And man, what is up with Pietrus and Harrington? If another one of these guys has a bad game, Peitrus and Harrington will have to step up, and they really haven't. I wouldn't be surprised if Harrington's Starting job is in Jeopardy.

With his past behind him, Adonal looks toward the future, wherever it may be....

by Zorgon on Apr 28, 2007 12:24 PM PDT   0 recs

Say what?
They would definitely win the Finals if the Hornets or Clippers were in our position, hands down

Um, no. Outside shot? sure. Definitely? Don't be silly. Ain't no such thing as Superman, or Kryptonite. Even before the series, I would have put money on SA, Phoenix, Houston, Detroit, and even Denver before Dallas. Dallas is built for the long haul: they may have the most top-to-bottom "talent" and "depth" of those teams, but they're dead last in mental toughness and balls. As Atma says, Charmin' soft.

Again, this is the main reason the Mavs trolls pollute our site. They knew deep down that their team had a very slim chance of going all the way. Trolling here and talking trash to fans of the lowly #8 seed was their pathetic attempt to wring some perverse pleasure out of what promised to be another heartbreaking postseason. If they couldn't have any joy, dagnabbit, they could at least stomp on the joy of us long-suffering Warrior fans. Now how's that working out for them ;-)...?

by Sleepy Freud on Apr 28, 2007 3:27 PM PDT to parent up   0 recs

looks like Atma had a long night
no recap till noon, and the W's got 73.5 % of the rebounds.nice recap though, I love the pics of the sea of gold (or yellow depending on who you ask)  good job last night from the team and the fans. hopefully the dalls fans and media that where calling game 2 a rout watched that one so they know what a rout really looks like. Dallas couldnt even make a run with Dirk on the bench. cant wait till tommorrow.

by azw on Apr 28, 2007 12:26 PM PDT   0 recs

Thanks for catching those
Sorry about the delay everyone. It wasn't a late night or anything, but my carpal tunnel just decided to act up this morning and is killing me. I have to take a ton of breaks from typing, so it took a long, long time to finish.

by Atma Brother ONE on Apr 28, 2007 1:07 PM PDT to parent up   0 recs

sounds like you would rather be hungover. its all good, i appreciate the work you guys do here. my butt has been numb for 2 weeks from how much time i have been sitting at the comp. diggin for Warrior articles. luckily you guys make it alot easier

by azw on Apr 28, 2007 1:38 PM PDT to parent up   0 recs

Hey Atma,
Thanks for the great review and pics.  It really helped me feel what it was like being there since I wasn't able to go.  It was great watching it on TV- you could barely hear the announcers because of the crowd noise- could definitely feel the incredible energy.  What a game for the home court!

Glad JRich had such a great game- he deserves to be in the limelight.  Hopefully Al and Pietrus will have their magic on Sunday or later.  

Sorry about your wrist.  Did you also get shoulder tendonitis from doing high-fives like I did at the last home game?

by dubschemistry on Apr 28, 2007 3:16 PM PDT to parent up   0 recs

Of course!
Sorry about your wrist.  Did you also get shoulder tendonitis from doing high-fives like I did at the last home game?


by Atma Brother ONE on Apr 28, 2007 5:36 PM PDT to parent up   0 recs

Of course!
Sorry about your wrist.  Did you also get shoulder tendonitis from doing high-fives like I did at the last home game?


by Atma Brother ONE on Apr 28, 2007 5:57 PM PDT to parent up   0 recs

the crowd
was amazin

by djchuckdeez on Apr 28, 2007 12:35 PM PDT   0 recs

"JRich was Jordanesque on that play"
I sat in the People's section.  Thanks to GSOM for the great tixs to the final Dallas game and the first playoff game in close to 13 years!  Last night will go down as one of the greatest playoff games in GSW history!!!  I'm still rocking.

Oh one more pic.  I like this one cause Dirk looks shell shocked in it.

by callahan on Apr 28, 2007 12:39 PM PDT   0 recs

ok what Im wondering is...
are we ever going to see the player introductions and the awarding of the MIP trophy to Monta?  anyone got a clip?

Did David Stern address the crowd? Did Monta?

ESPN shouldve had a PIP if they didnt want to cut short that bulls/heat (ho-hum) series....Such blasphemy not showing the start of that game considering its magnitude.

Thats one of the few bummers of the night, besides MP's inexplicable bonehead plays.  Thank god he grabbed those rebounds otherwise he had a really horrible game.  Way to come out on a big stage with your impending free-agency.  His agent must be sweating bullets right now..

BTW just to be fair to Cohan, all an owner gotta do is to sign checks.  And with that, I'd rather have him than Al Davis, George Steinbrenner, Jerry Jones, Mark Cuban or Dr. John York.  But hey to each his own I guess.

by VonteegoCummings on Apr 28, 2007 12:51 PM PDT   0 recs

I was really looking forward to seeing the beginning of the game and Monta's award.  That was foul the way they started 5 min into the game.  Anyone find it on youtube, let us know?

by dubschemistry on Apr 28, 2007 3:21 PM PDT to parent up   0 recs

Neither Stern nor Monta said anything during the
award. Well, if they were I couldnt tell because it was so loud. The crowd was getting antsy and wanted to get the game started. When Stern handed Monta the award the crowd made so much noise it was deafening. There was no point in making or speech or anything, no one wouldve heard anything with all the NOIZE!

by ZombieWarrior on Apr 28, 2007 7:17 PM PDT to parent up   0 recs

i like the spirit
and trust me, i believe, but its only game three. we need to slow down a little bit. seriously, remember how everyone left the suns for dead last year after kobe had them down 3-1? NEVER count your chickens before they hatch. i love whats going on but game 3 doesnt mean anything if we dont get game 4. and closing out a team is even harder than that. i hope we do it, and i believe!

sorry, im just a super paranoid warriors fan

by Nellieball on Apr 28, 2007 12:57 PM PDT   0 recs

Nice job, Atma
I've been pointing to three keys for the W's in this series from the get-go:

First, run, run, run, run the Mavs off the floor; we're in better shape -- let's take advantage.  BD did an absolutely perfect job of making this happen and keeping it going.  And what drives -- especially that beauty at the end of the half on Dirk.

Second, stop Josh Howard.  They didn't last night, but they've now figured him out: body him up constantly (switching defenders) and wear him down.  When that happens, he can no longer stay on BD -- and he'd done a job there in game two -- and he loses thrust and confidence on offense.  He's still great, and my biggest concern, but we now know he can be somewhat controlled with constant effort.

Third, Nellie had to get AB into the game.  While the small five approach has a lot going for it, we sacrifice Biedrins, who's shown he absolutely needs to be in the game and involved early if we want to get his best game.  Otherwise his confidence just plummets.  Nellie gave him the start -- and that did it.  And Jack knows how to get him the ball to the basket.  Wow!

We got all three last night, and coasted.  Now the big question is whether we can keep it going tomorrow.  With that crowd ginned up, I think we can -- but emotion can be a petulant mistress, and if the Mavs can get a run or two early, they can take the crowd out of it and all bets are off.  

Finally, one caveat: MP has yet to get started on offense (and often must be "positioned" on defense), so Nellie might be tempted to sit him.  But if the W's drop down to a seven man rotation, they're going to be in big trouble -- since the Mavs can go deeper.  So BD and Jack have to keep covering for MP's mental lapses -- as they have -- but keep him in the game, especially since he's shown he can stay with Howard and play physical ball with him.  

Get those motors running, guys!  We need to go back to Cuban Country 3-1.

by johnl on Apr 28, 2007 1:03 PM PDT   0 recs

if you were in the house last night
you would have no doubt in this teams chances to win this series.

nice recap - i was several rows above you guys, but i forgot which row you were in so i could not find you. we were in the top row dead center court above the aisle and literally able to stand, jump, dance and shout for the entire game. it was great!!

that game last night will wreck cuban's sleeping pattern for years to come. that dallas team was utterly demoralized last night and cuban was in just as bad condition...

on the pietrus issue, i think he has played himself out of a uniform if not out of this series all together. 0/5 FG, 1/2 FT and 5 boards is simply not enough production for what he will be making next year!

by stedanko on Apr 28, 2007 1:06 PM PDT   0 recs

thanks GSOM
if it wasn't for GSOM i wouldn't have gotten these (relatively) inexpensive tix to last nights game. you guys are awesome for setting stuff up for us fans!!!  its been great, after ten years (for me) of watching really bad basketball, now we've got a team and a community to share it with!

by airport son on Apr 28, 2007 1:06 PM PDT   0 recs

Everyone's stealing!!!
Listen, I like this site, I visit often and I'm a proud Warior fan.  But please, to suggest that Yahoo! and ESPN are copying "golden state of mind"?  A very brief web search will show you that a book, a song, and even a bay area DJ CD(from the 1990's) have all used the name golden state of mind as well.  lol. It's catchy and it's cool, but please lets keep our feet on the ground ok?  We're 2-1, in the 1st round of our first playoffs in 13 years.  

1 dub.  

If War brings Peace, Dubz' wit it then!

by gsdubz on Apr 28, 2007 1:15 PM PDT   0 recs

Biting State of Mind
To me, what's a little weak about Yahoo & ESPN using Golden State of Mind is the fact that they either don't know about one of the premier communities in the league (dumb), or they knowingly used the phrase without mentioning the site (rude).

by jgurney on Apr 28, 2007 1:54 PM PDT to parent up   0 recs

I'd say the later
I know for a fact that people at both Yahoo Sports and ESPN read GSoM. Both Yahoo Sports and ESPN have linked to us in the past tpp. ESPN isn't shy about asking us to contribute pieces or help them out either.

We're always happy to share the link love and always send GSoMers to those 2 sites. It's strange why they wouldn't at least mention GSoM if they're going to run those headlines.

All that aside I do want to say that Henry Abbott of ESPN's acquired True Hoop has always shown us love.

We didn't coin the term "golden state of mind" by any stretch, but when it comes to Warriors I think it's fair to say that "golden state of mind" = this Unstoppable Baby community.

Also, shout out to long time reader jdotcob who came up with the name back when we moved from out blogspot space to SBN.

by Atma Brother ONE on Apr 29, 2007 8:40 AM PDT to parent up   0 recs

Thank you for proving my point =)

If War brings Peace, Dubz' wit it then!

by gsdubz on Apr 29, 2007 9:02 AM PDT to parent up   0 recs

it's hard to say.  i think people have been saying "golden state of mind" for years (i can imagine some hippies saying something like that in the 1960s). also, for those of us who grew up listening to Nas and "New York State of Mind," the phrase sounds pretty natural.  so, i guess from a legalistic standpoint, yahoo and ESPN can plausibly deny that they stole the language, that the phrase is in the public domain.

of course, that is not to excuse any non-creative, non-appreciative ESPN staff who took the words from this site without recognition.

in the end, though, it shouldn't really matter: this isn't so much about proprietary rights as it is about hyping the warriors, the 1 dub nation, the golden state and the 'town.  it makes me feel good to see our team on the front page of the big sites, to see the fans in gold, to see guys like Barnes and Richardson and Davis and Jackson getting well-deserved notice and recognition.

this community is growing, and that is a blessing.  if you put "golden state of mind" into google, you find us.  hopefully, the GSOM designers can make enough off the ad revenue to keep this site going, improving, and inspiring.

by OaktownWarrior on Apr 28, 2007 2:27 PM PDT to parent up   0 recs

i read somewhere in the many stories i have seen so far that the fans(20,629) at the arena last night was the largest crowd to ever see a basketball game in the state of california. i read it a few times and am sure it meant at any level too so that includes ncaa. i wonder what the largest is? miami has a big arena. what are some other huge arenas? i wonder how loud those fans can get too. i have enver heard a crowd as loud as last night.

by stedanko on Apr 28, 2007 2:38 PM PDT   0 recs

atma brother one
true, the warriors owned the mavs in game 3.  yes we have beat them the last 8 of 10 times, but i wouldn't speak so soon.  we still need to give our respect to dallas, they are a 67 win team, but we can't get too excited and cocky yet - because that was the exact same reason why we lost game 2.  let's just take it one game at a time and hope that the warriors win.

if the mavs win game 4, they will go back to dallas with the series tied 2-2 with homecourt advantage and momentum in their favor.  they can win game 5 and use that momentum to beat us in oakland in game 6.  so it's still a very close series.

let's enjoy the victory today, but its still just 2-1.  the crowd needs to match its same energy level from friday for sunday.

by thewarriorsrule on Apr 28, 2007 2:46 PM PDT   0 recs

Oh no doubt
This series is far from over, BUT the Warriors are in control.

by Atma Brother ONE on Apr 28, 2007 5:27 PM PDT to parent up   0 recs

Look at it this way
Mavs now must go 3-1 against a team they're 1-5 against this year ... or they're out. And they have to win at least one at the Oracle, where we're pretty tough even on a bad day. It's not overconfident to say it's better to be in our shoes right now than theirs.

And don't worry about lack of energy. The Mavs could still win this series, but if they do, it won't be because our guys got complacent or overconfident. As you say, a loss tomorrow and the advantage swings right back to the Mavs. No one knows that better than Nellie and our guys.

by Sleepy Freud on Apr 28, 2007 6:56 PM PDT to parent up   0 recs

fans need to be crazy again on Sunday
Last night in the rafters was amazing.  I sat in an isle and was running up and down the stairs hi-fiving everyone after each sick play.  But we cannot let down for Sunday.  I don't think we will but we've got to be just as loud, if not louder, tomorrow.

One Dub One Love!

"The more scotch I drink, the better the game plan gets."

by CNote on Apr 28, 2007 7:18 PM PDT to parent up   0 recs

I think
we need to chant: "MIP, MIP" whenever Monta shoots  free throws.  

by ballin on Apr 28, 2007 5:10 PM PDT   0 recs


by orangino on Apr 28, 2007 5:12 PM PDT   0 recs

Warriors looking so good
Goota love being a fan of this team! All that talent is finally coming to the surface and the success is coming! This series is ours!!!!

by migya on Apr 28, 2007 9:27 PM PDT   0 recs

we should boo Cuban because...
he's the freakin' Mavs owner! And he loves the Mavs! The opposing team! Who cares if he's the most passionate or whatever - that makes it even more fun to heckle him. And I'd agree with a Cohan sucks chant any year EXCEPT this year
More Hardware Coming!

by gsw4life on Apr 29, 2007 1:50 AM PDT   0 recs

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