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Rahul's triangular love story

BB2 house, Oct 09, 2008 at 11:33 AM

The episode begins with the wake up alarm Nagada Nagada Nagada Baja from the movie Jab We Met.

Payal brings chai for Rahul and Rahul asks her why did she make separate chai for him…To that effect raja tells him that she has added zeher in the chai so it was made separately. Monika asks Rahul to be nice to Payal and that it's not fair on his part. Rahul says there is nothing between Payal and him and they are just good friends.Then they both argue and Rahul leaves.

Further in the episode Raja discusses with Monica about a conversation between Payal and Rahul that he over heard….Further he says Rahul jhoot bolta hai and both the conversations don't match. Then Raja & Rahul have an argument and finally Raja says Rahul is very smart & blames others for his mistakes…

Further we can see Monica and Payal bonding and Payal expressing her discomfort over Rahul. At the same time Ahsaan fiddles with the camera.

All the housemates complete the task very well hence they have got the shaandar weekly budget. Further all the housemates are given the dandiya task. Which all the housemates enjoy thoroughly.The episode ends with Rahul being the centre of attraction, as the housemates discuss his triangular love story.
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Raja is the most cunning housemate. He always blames rahul for everything whereas he also discusses about other people, nominations and then puts all the blame on rahul for everything.
its absolutely sick of him to now poison diana's and monica's ears against rahul.
raja should be evicted for all this dirty play.

Sucharita  Oct 09, 2008 at 12:38 PM

Hey guys. Whatever you might say about payal. She had so far always been good to rahul. If she lets rahul so close to her it is because she trusted him somewhere deep inside. She too has feelings gets immensely hurt but tries to hide her emotions. Or just goes to the bathroom weeps and comes back pretending to be normal.What kind of a guy is rahul. First he was all over her(payal) and then it took him just a few minutes on seeing monica to change his loyalties. Rahul is a sicko. Oose to payal ko aapna friend kehna ka bhi haq nahi hai. Sharam nahi aati oose payal ko kiss karne ke baad bhi he says that we are only friends. He was saying it was all a time pass. Payal should give him a really good slap and so should monica.

raj is a nice person. Atleast he always tries to stop rahul from abusing payal.I think he should definately tell monica all about rahul's truth.Even mmonica should be ware of this rahul person. He seems to be a lunatic.

Saher  Oct 09, 2008 at 12:36 PM
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