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iG's on-Web RPG Tools.

Create maps and floorplans that you can download ... instantly!

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* Irony Games' World-Maker

Instant map-makers. Click on the map samples below to create one of your own.

Instant Village Maker
Instant Tavern Maker
Instant City Maker

Instant Cave Room Maker
Instant Dungeon Maker
1,000,001 maps!
Instant Maze Maker
Oh no!!!

World Maker-1
The Isles of iG
Instant Map-Maker
Instant Clearing Maker

One World's not enough!

Instant Starmap Maker *iG-Space: It's HUGE! Irony Games' Instant Starmap Maker maps out hundreds of millions of stars and trading routes between them. Most Excellent!

Highly interactive software built just for gamer's...

You create the maps!

MapMagicalTM Map Editors

Java Map Maker * Java applet - Create your own terrain, place cities and towns, roads and rivers ... The interactive map-maker creates hundreds of hexs in a matter of minutes. Enjoy!


MapMagical Encounter Editor

*The MapMagical Encounter Editor lets you exchange editable maps by email. PBeM'ing software by Irony Games!
Jars rated Top 25% on the web!
Concept Demo *

MapMagical Terrain Editor

*The MapMagical Terrain Editor lets you create 3D Worlds. Virtual Reality software by Irony Games!
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New Web Preview *

Miscellaneous tools for your campaign ...

* Other iG-Tools Online

Gaming tables

Interactive dice and table rolling. Quick dice rolls; table look-up's add color and spice to your game. Keep them on-screen while you use our other tools. Extremely good!!!
Moon Tool Irony Games' Moon Tool calculates the phases of the moon and moonrise and moonset on any day of your campaign for you.
Campaign Calendar Maker *
Irony Games' Campaign Calendar Maker does all the drudge work of making a custom calendar for you. Download it to chronicle the passing days of your adventure.
Battle Calculator IronyGames' "Hack'n Slash" ... it isn't the nicest way to describe it, but sometimes RPG encounters comes down to that ... this tool roll the dozens of dice needed to resolve a typical combat encounter.
Net.Generic. Adventure.Maker Irony Games' Net.Generic.Adventure.Maker creates an adventure with the push of a few buttons. Some assembly required. No warantee expressed or implied.

More game tools from around the web ...

* Things we wish we'd thought of!

Check out our Complete list of other tools available on the web.
(And if you know of any that we don't, please write!

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