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The video of Jewel's new single "Intuition" contains a shockingly clever TRL parody in which one teen exclaims, "Jewel's music sounds much better now that she's dancing!" It's a joke, of course, but the Alaskan-raised folkie's music does sound better now that she's Madonna. Reinventing herself with sleek studio effects, plastic dance-rock hooks and pop-art irony is a major move for an icon of the unironic. Helmed by co-writer and producer Lester Mendez (whose credits include Shakira and Enrique Iglesias), 0304 is essentially a wanna-be version of Madonna's American Life. It even has its own State of the Union song, "America," with lyrics such as "We shed blood in the name of liberty." Even when she seems stiff and silly waxing lyrical about hot pants and bumpin' boots, Jewel is surrounded by pop of such undeniable catchiness that her fakeness somehow fits: She's found herself an artificial flavor that tastes good.


(Posted: Jun 2, 2003)