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This genre defying blend of pop, old time jazz, folk and even punk might make you think of either Ricki Lee Jones in 2020 or Bjork in th 1930's.


1 Beautiful Lie
2 Falling
3 Target Practice
4 Darwin's Fall
5 High Horse Man
6 Seven
7 You are my Sunshine
8 Sweet Lord

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For her sophomore album "Falling", folksy songstress Julia Dawn has brought together a handful of friends from the jazz and pop worlds to create a surprising and beautiful collection of original music. So eclectic, listeners will find it difficult to describe when recommending it to friends. With forays into rock, roots, funk and punk, Julia Dawn paints with sound, using whatever style or genre is necessary to communicate her song in any given situation. “Falling” is penetrating and genuine piece of art that will make you want to dance, cry and maybe break a few rules.
Julia Dawn has been described as…
“wonderful, beautiful, raspy and smooth, sultry and intelligent, fun and ridiculous” Fresno Undercurrent (Arts Entertainment Mag)
’folksy-bluesy, rock-and-rolly voice that rides a river of emotions, from depressing to mystical to humorous to sensual” Daniel Chacon (Author)
“one of the most achingly disarming, strong, and penetrating voices I've heard in a long, long, time” Fresno Famous (Online Community Base)

The Undercurrent (Album Review)
Julia Dawn's "Falling"

Julia Dawn
Independent (2007)

by Abid Yahya

Julia Dawn’s sophomore album has been highly anticipated on the streets of Fresno, to which I have been keeping my ear. She’s an amazing performer (her Rogue show was decidedly remarkable), an absurdly gifted songwriter, and, consequently, a much-loved favorite at the various venues around town. I myself have often been among the awestruck fans at one of her shows, and was psyched as all hell when she handed me a copy of the album about a day and a half ago. It is called Falling and it is beautiful. After listening to the thing some 26 times between then and now, here are some observations.

“Beautiful Lie” opens the album with an almost house feeling, like it’s about to open up into some glowstick trance anthem, but then Julia’s voice rolls in, followed closely by some fresh horns, and suddenly we find ourselves in the midst of some seriously funky and chill stuff. The title track, “Falling,” carries a subtle and almost hiphopish beat beneath some pleasant and jazzy keys, and is really a phenomenal track, the lyrics of which concern a metaphor about fruit. “Target Practice,” in which Julia shows us that she has a flirty (and, uhh, downright filthy) side as well, is an irresistibly raucous jam that makes you want to shake your ass, and I’m not just talking about dancing.

The album’s “final” track (“You are my Sunshine”) is a subdued, strained, dark, and gorgeous version of the classic song. As a friend of mine commented, it’s almost as if the song, which was written around 1940 and has been recorded hundreds of times by myriad folks, was meant, all along, to have been sung this way. The album also has a new and simply beautiful version of her classic tearjerker of a masterpiece, “Darwin’s Fall.” Also, be patient after the final track ends; there’s a hidden track that is well worth the wait. Eva Scow, Jeff Simpson, Randy Stindt, Nathan Ketner, Sam Rocha, and Jason Jurzak all also appear on the album.
Julia, who will undoubtedly hit it big someday soon (as soon as whatever talent scout that hasn’t noticed her yet pulls his head out of his ass) has blessed us yet again with this serious, pained, and sexy album that reinforces her stature as the genuine article, as an earnestly inventive, thoughtful, and natural musician.

Julia will be setting off on tour this month, traveling through Arizona, Texas, Colorado, Idaho, and Oregon. The album release party will take place on Saturday 7 April at Studio Itz (370 N. Fresno St.) from 8 to 10pm. For more information, check out www.myspace.com/juliadawnmusic.


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