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Gold and silver prices soar as Wall Street crashes

Gold and silver are benefiting from a flight to safety, and also an increasing realization that inflation is sure to follow the multi trillion dollar bailout of the global banking system.

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GCN Exclusive- Alex Jones Show interviews Ron Paul September 25, 2008
Chuck Baldwin Endorsed By Ron Paul

Baldwin noted, "Ron Paul's message resonated with people across the political spectrum. Likewise, our campaign embraces Americans of diverse political ideologies, spiritual paths and socio-economic groups - all who recognize the urgency of a return to the Constitution and the principles of personal liberty that document defines."

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End The Fed 11-22-08

The Daily Paul
Voter Purges Could Cause Florida-like Presidential Recounts

If the November vote is close, key swing states that have been illegally rejecting voters could become recount battlegrounds like Florida.

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Voting Your Conscience for a Third Party Candidate Is Not a Wasted Vote.

When asked why they will not vote for a third party candidate, many people will respond by saying something like, "He cannot win." Or, "I don't want to waste my vote." It is true: America has not elected a third party candidate since 1860. Does that automatically mean, however, that every vote cast for one of the two major party candidates is not a wasted vote? I don't think so.

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It's not just ACORN: La Raza partner caught red-handed

Voter fraud is running amok in this election. From Nevada to Ohio to Missouri to Indiana to Connecticut, and, now, to Florida. ACORN has been involved in most of these cases, but that isn't the only organization that's been violating election law and stiffing the American people.

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In Reversal, Democrats Shelve Iran Resolution

Falling from shoo-in status to widely rejected legislation within the space of four months, a resolution that would have opened the door for a naval blockade on Iran was officially shelved at the end of September, after several of its cosponsors withdrew their support. House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Howard Berman has promised not to bring the bill, House Concurrent Resolution 362, before the committee until concerns about the text are addressed.

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