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A community portal about Bryan Adams with blogs, videos, and photos. According to Bryan Adams, OC, OBC is a Canadian rock singer, guitarist and songwriter. Some of his best-known albums are Reckless, Waking up the... [more]

A community portal about Bryan Adams with blogs, videos, and photos. According to Bryan Adams, OC, OBC is a Canadian rock singer, guitarist and songwriter. Some of his best-known albums are Reckless, Waking up the Neighbours and 18'Til I Die.

Zimbio Interview with Bryan Adams

5 important and awesome facts about Bryan Adams: 1) He’s been nominated for 3 Academy Awards for his songwriting in films. 2) He’s Canadian. 3) His album Reckless (1984) was released on his 25th birthday and hit #1 on the charts. It also gave him 6 hit singles. 4) He speaks fluent French but lives in England. 5) He’s touring throughout the summer of 2008 with the likes of Foreigner and Rod Stewart.
Zimbio: There is such a distinct Bryan Adams sound, when you do your 11th album, what are the elements that have to be in the music to keep it sounding like Bryan Adams?
Bryan Adams: Well, I don’t think that’s something that I would consciously know how to answer, other than I just go with my gut on these things and my voice carries the record. As soon as I start singing things, it sort of sounds like me. In terms of ideas, I just try to create ideas that work really well in the live context. I always play things with a band so I try and create music that is great for live shows. I kind of feel like all of my work sort of flows into each other.

Zimbio: With the acoustic tour, which of your songs do you feel sound best acoustically?

BA: Well, they all work acoustically, because they were all written on an acoustic guitar. This album started out as an acoustic record and halfway through I sort of switched gears and decided to make sort of an acoustic rock record. When I play the songs live, it has actually sort of led me into a path of this next tour, which is my first American acoustic tour. I feel confident enough with these songs and with the songs in the past that the show is going to be quite interesting, sort of hearing these songs stripped down completely, just myself and a guitar.

Zimbio: What is the mix of the big hits and your personal favorites that are in the tour?
BA: I don’t think it’s fair to sort of throw an entire album of new material on people and they don’t know it, so it will probably be a little bit of both. I think for a lot of people that haven’t heard me do this before, it will be intriguing To play a song like Cuts like a Knife on acoustic guitar is quite a different thing than hearing it with a full band. I believe that that will sort of give some insight into perhaps the song writing and it shows that some of the new songs, really everything sort of blends in. It’s like one solid body of work.

Zimbio: How long does it take you to make a new album these days?
BA: Here’s how it works. It took me four years to make Waking up the Neighbors, which was my album released in 1991. I don’t think my pace has really changed. I think what has happened is if anything, I’ve accelerated the amount of work I’ve got, because I’ve ended up playing in so many more places and so many different countries around the world and there’s such a bigger, sort of wider breadth of places to go on tour. Now I take a studio with me on tour and record. In terms of consistency, I’ve made three albums this decade already, and that’s not including the DVDs I’ve put together. With various little soundtrack songs, there’s a constant flow of stuff. In terms of making a record what happens is, as soon as I’ve got ten songs or like eight songs, then I’ll start recording an album.

Zimbio: How would you compare the Bryan Adams of today with the Bryan Adams of Summer of '69?
BA: I think my ethic today is probably as strong as ever. I don’t think that has really changed. I think what has happened is there are a lot more places to play than ever before. I mean, hopefully I’m a better songwriter than I used to be. Hopefully I’ve learned something along the way. I don’t know. I got into this for one reason and that was because I love singing, and that hasn’t changed. There’s a great sense of achievement to be able to make music and write music, produce music and perform it, and that hasn’t changed. The world has opened up immensely since I started playing 30 years ago. I mean, it was difficult to play places in Europe when I first started and now everywhere is open. We recently played in South America, where I played Ecuador, Columbia, Venezuela, Chili, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Argentina. All of the other places in the world are opening and everybody wants music. My album just went platinum in India, for example. I played Pakistan a year and a half ago. I just got offered a show in Dubai. It’s endless. That didn’t exist when I started.

Zimbio: What made you decide to release your latest album exclusively with Wal-Mart?

BA: I was an absolute no-brainer. I mean, Wal-Mart came in and said, “We’d like to order some records,” and we thought, "Great." I know The Eagles have done it and it seemed like a good idea. The last time I drove down Sunset Strip there wasn’t even a record shop. So I thought, "Good plan" and they seemed enthusiastic and we’re all on a page here. I think iTunes is going to have it at some point, but I don’t know. I thought it was quite a good idea if my record was there. You know you can get your dog food, you can get a Bryan Adams CD and you can get a light bulb, all at the same time.

Zimbio: Do you have any songs that just totally surprised you that they became hits?

BA: How about every single one? I never, ever believed any of them would be hits. I mean, you kind of think, "Oh, I like this song, I like the way it sounded in the car" or I’ll play it for a friend of mine and she’ll like it or something. Then it’s in the hands of the gods after that. It’s whether people hear it. I think it’s about getting it to people. As people can get access to the songs, I think they’ll like it.
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