Academic Dress of the University of Kent

At Kent the gowns of those admitted to Bachelor’s, Master’s, MPhil and PhD degrees are made of black cloth (‘stuff’).  The PhD gowns have facings of scarlet velvet.

Each hood has two colours.  The central colour (V-shaped panel), denotes the Faculty or College in which the degree is awarded - as indicated in the photographs.  The outer colour of the hood denotes the status of the degree: bronze for a Foundation Degree, silver for Bachelors, gold for Masters, cardinal red for Doctors and scarlet for higher doctorates, including DCL.

Those awarded higher doctorates including LLD, DLitt, MD, DMus, DSc and DD wear a scarlet gown with scarlet velvet facings and two bands of scarlet velvet on the sleeves.  The exception is the gown for the honorary degree of Doctor of Civil Law on which purple velvet is used for the facings.

Honorary graduates wear the gowns, hoods and hats appropriate to their degree, in most cases a higher doctorate or Master’s degree.

For Foundation, Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, graduates wear a mortarboard.  For all Doctorates, a black cloth bonnet is worn, with a maroon cord and tassel except in the case of the DCL for which the cord and tassel is gold silk.