My new album "Soul" is out 11th November 2008.

SOUL is comprised of eleven classic soul songs that each evokes their own drama, emotion and romance. The album was created in partnership with legendary producer David Foster.

Someone once said '...the album will sound like the time you had making it'... Never before has it been as true as the process of recording this record.

Although David and I had been acquaintances before, we'd never quite managed to work together. Upon doing so, I was quick to realize that I was in the presence of true greatness. I've worked with a lot of producers before, but never have I come across anyone as naturally gifted and knowledgeable as David. If you are fortunate enough to have that combination, then you find that the album making process tends to go very swiftly, making this the smoothest and most enjoyable album I have ever made. And if you are exceptionally fortunate, you find yourself also having made a great friend. I cannot thank him enough.