News: Chyna/WWE, Molly Holly; Julio Dinero Engaged
    Submitted by Daniel Pena on Saturday, November 26, 2005 at 1:08 PM EST

  • Chyna recently said in a radio interview that she wouldn't mind returning to WWE if she could. Chyna seems to have gotten her personal problems straightened out in recent months and she's been appearing at several Hollywood events. Also, she cut her hair somewhat short earlier this year as it's just above her shoulders now. Her hair style is similar to how her hair used to be right before she joined the World Wrestling Federation.

  • Molly Holly made an appearance last week at an independent wrestling show in Minnesota to sign autographs. She also made a brief cameo to set up the main event. Visit to see a picture of Molly from the event. You can also see a video from the show and Molly is featured in it.

  • Journeyman wrestler Julio Dinero (Brian Wohl) and his girlfriend Miss Michelle recently got engaged.

    Dinero made several appearances in TNA in 2003 and 2004 with CM Punk but soon left with Punk just after the whole Rob Feinstein incident took place. He's currently wrestling for NWA Cyberspace and several independent promotions in the northeast. Dinero also wrestled on WCW Saturday Night and WWF Shotgun/Jakked as enhancement talent in the late-90's.

    Miss Michelle is a 23 year old wrestling valet based out of New York. She's managed countless wrestlers on the northeast coast, including Dinero at an NWA Cyberspace show a few weeks ago. She made a cameo appearance on Smackdown! in June of 2003 as she sat in the crowd with Billy Kidman with another female as Kidman made his return to television from an injury. She also briefly worked for WWE as an analyst to critique their shows and provide them with feedback. Missy Hyatt is Miss Michelle's aunt.

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    partial source - Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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