Fairy Ring Map

By bambino

Here you can view the world map showing all the fairy ring teleports available after starting the Fairy Tale part II - Cure a Queen quest. NOTE: you do NOT need to meet the quest herblore and farming requirements to get far enough in the quest to access the rings!

You must be wielding a Dramen or Lunar staff to use any fairy ring. All fairy rings outside of the Lost City of Zanaris will only take you back to Zanaris, where you can dial another destination. Using the Zanaris fairy ring brings up three dials (like a combination lock) which you can click to change to different letters. Each click turns the dial to the next letter (click to one side to go right or left). When the combination is adjusted as desired, click the "Teleport to this location" words at the bottom.

This text overview of fairy rings is in our Getting Around guide.

Most of the teleports on the Runescape surface have been added to the map. They are interactive. If you move your mouse over one of the teleport locations, the combination code will appear. If there is extra information, such as special requirements or uses, this will appear as well.

Useful teleports (not shown on the Runescape surface map) are featured in the first table below. The second table shows the useful destinations in text format for convenience. Dud codes that do not teleport out of Zanaris are listed in a hidden third table at the end of the guide

Click on the below map to see the 470K full-screen interactive version.

Fairy Rings Map

Useful Teleports not shown on the Map
Code Clicks Destination Nearby Features
B L Q 3 1 3 Yu'biusk (extradimensional) Requires Land of the Goblins quest.
A L R 0 1 2 Abyss Area (extradimensional) All Abyssal monsters, no runecrafting portals.
B K Q 3 2 3 Enchanted Valley (extradimensional) Level 15 Stag, level 1 Rabbits. Do not chop trees here; you will be attacked by angry Tree Spirits.
C K P 2 2 0 Starflower Plain (extradimensional) Used in the Fairy Tale pt2 quest. Filled with starflowers for magic essence potions.
D I R 1 0 2 Gorak Lair (extradimensional) Used in the Fairy Tale pt2 quest. Packed with level 145 aggressive Gorak monsters.
B J R 3 3 2 Grail Castle (extradimensional) Fisher King's realm requires starting Holy Grail quest. Brimhaven to south via exit; gold mine near exit
A J Q 0 3 3 South Slayer Dungeon (underground) Requires Death to the Dorgeshuun quest and warns of needed for light source. Agility course, shortcut to Kalphite Lair, Dorgesh-Kaan goblin city, Lumbridge Caves.

The next table shows the fairy ring destinations by roughly dividing the RuneScape map into three sections: West, Central, and East. The West area includes the members-only areas west of Taverly, excluding Karamja. The Central area includes the F2P map area plus all of members-only Karamja. The East section is again members-only, covering Morytania and the Kharidian Desert. These rough divisions are intended to help players plan their travel. The locations are listed from north to south for each area.

All Fairy Ring Travel (by map region)


Code Clicks Destination Nearby Features
A K Q 0 2 3 Woodlands Hunting area Hunting area southeast, Falconry training ground to east, Piscatoris fishing colony and Summoning Obelisk to north
A J S 0 3 1 Penguin Island Level 2 Penguins), nothing else accessible
C I P 2 0 0 Miscellania Requires Fremennik Trials quest. Miscellania Castle, Etceteria (bank) to east, sail to Rellekka (southeast)
D K S 1 2 1 Keldagrim and Snow Hunting Snow Hunting grounds to north, entrance to Keldagrim Dwarven Kingdom (and path from Trollweiss Mountain slopes) below cliff.
A J R 0 3 2 Slayer Cave Arrive outside and slightly west of cave. Rellekka (Fremennik village) to west
C J R 2 3 2 Sinclair Mansion Arrive west-northwest of it, near log crossing. Seers' Village to south
D J R 1 3 2 Sinclair Mansion Arrive northwest of it, northwest of CJR spot. Seers' Village to south
A L S 0 1 1 McGrubor's Wood Seers' Village to east, Coal Trucks to west, Ranging Guild to south
B L R 3 1 2 Legends Guild Gate Arrive outside and east of Guild. East Ardougne to southwest, also mining site
B I S 3 0 1 Unicorn Pen Ardougne Zoo Arrive inside cage of Level 15 Unicorns; cannot access city.
D J P 1 3 0 Necromancer Arrive outside house, near Tower of Life; Ardougne to north, Khazard to southwest.
C I Q 2 0 3 South of Tree Gnome Maze Yanille to south and east
C L S 2 1 1 Hazelmere and Jungle Spiders Yanille to west
B K P 3 2 0 Chompy Frog Pond West Castle Wars to north, Jiggig to east
A K S 0 2 1 Chompy Area Southeast Gnome Glider to northwest, Chompy quest start to east, Jungle Hunting area to south


Code Clicks Destination Nearby Features
A L R 0 1 2 Abyss area Unconnected to Runecrafting Abyss. Contains Abyssal leeches, guardians, walkers *AND* Abyssal demons; nothing else accessible.
D K R 1 2 2 Edgeville Canoe Station Edgeville to west across river, canoe station to north, Grand Exchange, Spirit Tree and Varrock to east
D I S 1 0 1 Wizard Tower Arrive outside; Draynor Village to northwest, Lumbridge Swamp to northeast.
A J Q 0 3 3 South Slayer Dungeon (underground) Requires Death to the Dorgeshuun quest and warns of needed for light source. Agility course, shortcut to Kalphite Lair, Dorgesh-Kaan goblin city, Lumbridge Caves.
D I R 1 0 2 Gorak Lair Fairy Tale quest area. Level 145 Goraks - be prepared for immediate combat!
B K Q 3 2 3 Enchanted Valley Level 15 Stag; cute rabbits and waterfall; nothing else accessible (do not chop trees; Tree spirits will attack)
C K P 2 2 0 Starflower Plane Fairy Tale quest area. Collect unlimited Starflowers for Magic Essence potion; nothing else accessible
A I Q 0 0 3 Mudskipper Point Mogre slayer area. Rimmington to north, Port Sarim to northeast
B J R 3 3 2 Grail Castle Fisher King's realm requires starting Holy Grail quest. Brimhaven to south via exit; gold mine near exit
B L P 3 1 0 TzHaar Arrive in city, south of furnace. Karamja volcano is west, Brimhaven above and to west
D K P 1 2 0 Karambwan fishing area on Karamja Shaikahan, shipyard and glider to southeast, log bridge to south-southwest leading to Nature altar, Tai Bwo Wannai and Shilo Villages
C K R 2 2 2 Southern Karamja Arrive south of Tai Bwo Wannai Village. Nature altar, Shilo Village, Karamja Hunting area, karambwanji lake, Cairn Isle, Lady of the Waves ship to Ports Khazard or Sarim, Kharazi Jungle


Code Clicks Destination Nearby Features
C K S 2 2 1 Canifis mushroom patch Arrive west of Canifis and east of the Salve Temple dungeon exit. Near Slayer Tower and Mort Myre Swamp
D L S 1 1 1 Canifis Pub Myreque secret passage Requires In Search of the Myreque quest; go through two caves to main passage. Canifis, Barrows, Swamp Hunting area.
A L Q 0 1 3 Haunted Woods Arrive west of Port Phasmatys and south of the farming allotment. Werewolf Agility Course is southwest.
B K R 3 2 2 Mort Myre Swamp Nature Spirit grotto, Haunted Mine, Mort'ton, Burgh de Rott, and Meiyerditch to south
B I Q 3 0 3 Kharidian Desert Northwest Kalphite Lair, Level 58 Ugthankis, Shantay Pass, Bedabin Camp
D L Q 1 1 3 Kharidian Desert East Desert Lizards, Pollnivneach to southwest across bridge, Uzer to northeast, Nardah to south, Desert Hunting area north

There are additional codes that are not listed above. These "dud" codes do not teleport players away from Zanaris; however, it's *possible* that they may be part of a series of teleport codes, such as the Fairy Queen sequence (AIR, DLR, DJQ, AJS). They can be viewed or hidden by clicking below.

Dud Codes (no evident teleport) Hide/Show


Thanks to: anishka0, cronoschild, Cruiser, erzmeister, Farmer_Iain, Headnazgul, ikkevincent, Jake_Corsair, knittinqueen, Kwimbob, LordBaer, mchainmail, oddfaery2, pokemama, Raven6666 and rnt2

Map Updated: 25-Nov-2007

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