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    No Doubt
Tragic Kingdom
Tragic Kingdom by No Doubt
Album Release Date: 1995
Label: Trauma
Genres: Adult Alternative, Modern Ska, Pop Punk
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Track Rate Song
1. Spiderwebs LYRICS
2. Excuse Me Mr. LYRICS
3. Just A Girl LYRICS
4. Happy Now? LYRICS
5. Different P... LYRICS
6. Hey You LYRICS
7. The Climb LYRICS
8. Sixteen LYRICS
9. Sunday Morning LYRICS
10. Don't Speak LYRICS
11. You Can Do It LYRICS
12. World Go 'R... LYRICS
13. End It On This LYRICS
14. Tragic Kingdom LYRICS
Reviews of "Tragic Kingdom":

10/10/1995, Yahoo! Music, Bill Holdship
One of those "phenomenon" LPs particular to the late '80s/'90s, producing hit after hit. "Spiderwebs" is a terrific opener, and all the "hits" can be found...  full review >

07/13/2005, AMG
Led by the infectious, pseudo-new wave single "Just a Girl," No Doubt's major-label debut, Tragic Kingdom, straddles the line between '90s punk, third-wave ska, and pop...  full review >

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