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Livni tells residents of Acre: Don't take law into your own hands
Responses: 349
Three Jewish rioters hurt, Arab home set ablaze in latest Acre violence
Responses: 174
Israel grants rare entry to cancer-stricken Iranian boy
Responses: 121
Mideast Muslims hail U.S. financial crisis as divine punishment
Responses: 118
Austrian far-right leader Joerg Haider dies in car crash
Responses: 81
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Three Jewish rioters hurt, Arab home set ablaze in latest Acre violence
Israeli Arab MK: Arab leaders set to condemn acts of Arab man who drove in city on Yom Kippur. 08:41 TV
Tags: Acre, Israel News, Jews 
IN DEPTH / The 24 hours that could have saved Gilad Shalit
An internal IDF dispute delayed the arrest of Hamas men who could have been key to foiling kidnap. 08:43
Tags: Gilad Shalit, Shin Bet 
ANALYSIS / Gilad Shalit is still in captivity - who is to blame?
Bad blood between the IDF and the Shin Bet has developed over the question of who is at fault. 03:34
Tags: Israel Defense Forces 
Bank of Israel, treasury may intervene in markets
Fischer, Bar-On will watch economic developments over next few days before deciding. 03:22
Tags: Israel News, Treasury 
Ultra-Orthodox wig shop unveils 'Sarah Palin Wig' based on Alaska governor's famous locks
$795 wig joins's celebrity-inspired 'Posh Spice' and Jennifer Anniston models. 08:53
Tags: Sarah Palin, ultra-Orthodox
Mideast Muslims: U.S. financial crisis is divine punishment
Hamas Gaza leader Haniyeh: U.S. collapse is result of violation of rights of Muslims around the world. 21:14
Tags: financial crisis, U.S. Travel
Where will you spend this weekend?
From desert water-hikes, to olive pressing, to the Didgeridoo - there is something for everyone this weekend.
Border Police officers arguing with a Jewish driver as violence between Jews and Arabs rages for a fourth day in Acre on Saturday. (AP)
Border Police officers arguing with a Jewish driver as violence between Jews and Arabs rages for a fourth day in Acre on Saturday. (AP)
More Headlines
'The Arabs of Acre will kill you with knives,' city's Jews warn 03:11
Tags: Arabs, Israel News, Jews 
For U.S. Jewish groups, crisis means less in donations, more needy 08:27
Tags: Israel News, Financial crisis 
Kadima, Labor make 'significant progress' in coalition talks 06:44
Tags: Israel News, Kadima, Labor 
'Acre could be just the beginning,' fear mixed-city mayors 02:08
Tags: Acre riot, Lod, race relation 
How many Israelis will lose their jobs due to financial crisis? 03:15
Tags: Israel News, Histadrut 
Fake report about Lehman Brothers moving $400 billion to Israel gets broad circulation 02:34
Tags: Wall Street, Lehman Brothers 

Quiet time
It's time for Israel's generals to learn that silence is a deterrent.
Tags: IDF, Israel news 
Wheels and reels
How images of cars highlight changes in Israeli cinema.
Tags: Film history, Cars
Family affair
Uncovering a mother's first marriage by chance.
Tags: Kibbutz, Palestine 
Holy help
The gov't must repair the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.
Tags: Jerusalem, christians
For all these - Forgive us, pardon us, atone for us.
Is this to be the Palin Doctrine - that the Right has a lock on love of country?
Jewish World
Quentin Tarantino
The Holocaust, Tarantino-style: Jews scalping Nazis
Is Germany ready for a Tarantino-style treatment of World War II?
 Orthodox in hotels for Yom Kippur
 Monastery in danger of collapse
 Artifacts found near fence route
More »  
Courts vs Cops
Police Force and Courts at Loggerheads
Courts attribute acquittals to insufficient police evidence
 Security issues prevent evacuation
 Financial crisis becomes a watershed
 Irresponsibility of Barak and Braverman
More »  
Russian Weapons
Olmert unlikely to persuade Russia
High chance that Syria, Iran will be armed by Russia.
 Thousands ask Shalit's forgiveness
 Lebanon: Israel steals falafel
 Livni: I oppose Olmert's peace plan
More »  
Gilad Shalit
Time Running out on Shalit Release Deal
Price and Danger for Shalit rises as time goes by.
 Calls for peace on War Anniversary
 NATO: We can't ask Israel to disarm
 Syria warned against intervention
More »  
Stock Crisis
Stock crisis pushes Barak, Livni together
Stock Market tumble palpable in politics
 Bedouins Decry Palestinian Influx
 Drivers pull up to new Kinneret line
 Livni's first foreign-policy speech
More »  
Arts & Leisure
Surfing Integrity
Goodness of heart abundant online
Online kindness affects the real world as well
 New Translation revives Old Classic
 Huge, Expressive and Powerful
 Ronit Elkabetz: French Directional Debut
More »  
Economic crisis
TASE tumbles as crisis spills to Europe
Israeli Heavyweights Hammered as share prices drop worldwide
 No panicked retreat from pension funds
 Financial skeletons create crisis in Europe
 Boaz Yona seeks forgiveness
More »  
Maccabi Tel Aviv
Maccabi Logs a win
Team optimistic despite 6 losses this season.
 Roash, a leader in tzitzit, keeps the faith
 Changing rules for refs
 Tomas Berdych shocker
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