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International Wrestling Alliance
World Tag Team Title

Larry Henning & Harley Race66/06
Recognized as the first champions.
Mark Lewin & Dominic Denucci66/07/01Sydney
Skull Murphy & Brute Bernard66/07/15Sydney
Mark Lewin & Bearcat Wright66/07/29Sydney
Skull Murphy & Brute Bernard [2]66/08
George Scott & Sandy Scott66/10/22Melbourne
Ray Stevens & Art Nelson66/11/19Melbourne
George Scott & Sandy Scott [2]66/12Melbourne
Kurt Von Stroheim & Karl Von Stroheim67/06U.S. *
Mario Milano & Red Bastien67/07/28Sydney
Skull Murphy & Killer Kowalski67/08/25Sydney
Mario Milano & Red Bastien [2]67/09Melbourne
Skull Murphy & Killer Kowalski [2]67/10/06Sydney
Mario Milano & Red Bastien [3]67/10/13Sydney
Pat Patterson & Art Nelson67/12/25San Francisco, CA *
Mario Milano & Bill White Wolf (Adnon Kaissey) 68/02<Perth
Skull Murphy & Brute Bernard [3]68/03/22Sydney
Mario Milano & Antonio Pugiliese (Tony Parisi) 68/04Adelaide
Skull Murphy & Killer Karl Kox68/05Brisbane
Dominic Denucci & Antonio Pugliese68/05
Killer Kowalski & Bill Miller68/06Adelaide
Dominic Denucci & Mario Milano68/07<Adelaide
Cilcon Negro & Baron Mikel Sciculna68/07/06Sydney
Assassins (Joe Hamilton & Tom Renesto) 68/08/30Sydney
George Scott & Sandy Scott [3]68/10/11Sydney
Skull Murphy & Toru Tanaka68/11
Skull Murphy & Brute Bernard [4]69/01
Antonio Pugiliese & Don Leo Jonathan69/02/21Sydney
Mario Milano & The Spoiler (Don Jardine) 69/03/07Sydney
Antonio Pugiliese & Don Leo Jonathan [2]69/03Melbourne
Waldo Von Erich & Mario Milano69/04/04Sydney
Waldo Von Erich & The Spoiler69/04
Milano gives up his half of the title.
Billy White Wolf & Tex McKenzie69/04/25Sydney
Waldo Von Erich & The Spoiler [2]69/05/24Sydney
Dick Murdoch & Lars Anderson69/10
Skull Murphy & Brute Bernard [5]69/12/05Sydney
Mario Milano & Spiros Arion69/12/19Sydney
King Curtis Iaukea & Buddy Austin69/12/26Sydney
Rip Hawk & Swede Hanson70/04Hobart *
Mark Lewin & Antonio Pugliese70/05/15Sydney
Kurt Von Steiger & Karl Von Steiger70/06/19Sydney
Mark Lewin & Spiros Arion *70
Kurt Von Steiger & Karl Von Steiger *70
Mark Lewin & Mario Milano70/12
Texas Outlaws: Dick Murdoch & Dusty Rhodes 71/01/21Sydney
Mark Lewin & Killer Kowalski71/03<
Mark Lewin & King Curtis Iaukea71/04
Defeat Kowalski & Bob Brown.
Tiger Jeet Singh & Mr. Fuji71/05<
Mark Lewin & King Curtis Iaukea [2]71/06<
Kurt Von Steiger & Karl Von Steiger [2]71/08
Title retired in 71.

* Replaced with Austra-Asian Tag Team Title.

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