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Antediluvian Rocking Horse

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Real Name:Ollie Olsen, Paul Wain & Susan King
Profile:The main group is Paul Wain (DJ2) & Susan King (DJ3), sometimes with Ollie Olsen.
Members:Ollie Olsen, Paul Wain, Susan King
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Music For The Odd Occasion (CD) Psy-Harmonics 1995
Music For The Odd Occasion (CD) Seeland 1997
Forward Into The Furniture (CD) Start Transmission Special Projects 2003
Urban Hipster (2xCD, Album) Disco Cowboy (Antedilu... Green Ant 2000
Tracks Appear On:
Psy-Harmonics Vol. 2: Dancing To The Sound Of The Sun (2xCD) Dos Guavos Psy-Harmonics 1995
Psy-Vision (VHS) Rigorous Doughnut Psy-Harmonics 1996
Funk (3xLP, Comp) Rigorous Doughnut Symbiosis Records 1997
Funk (CD) Rigorous Doughnut Symbiosis Records 1997
The Wizardry Of Oz (2xLP, Comp) The Rhythm Sticks Transient Records 1997
The Wizardry Of Oz (CD) The Rhythm Sticks Transient Records 1997
Psy-Harmonics 4 - Out On The Full (CD) It's Ok, Mosquito Psy-Harmonics 1998
Psychic Harmony (2xCD) Rigorous Doughnut, Abn... Psy-Harmonics 1998
Miditation: Digital And Peaceful (CD, Comp) It's Ok, Mosquito Ceiba Records 1999
Experience - Psy-Harmonics Volume 5 (2xCD) Da Danger Psy-Harmonics 2001
Mesmerise 'Em (CDr, Ltd) Critical Twig pt.9 Eccentric Ectoplasm Recordings 2006
Unofficial Releases:
Trance Show 1101 (CD) Rigorous Doughnut Not On Label  

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