Selected X-Files Fanfic 

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Into The Darkness, Gently 5k
A little slice of weirdness.

Knotted 10k
We can't choose our families, but that doesn't
mean we can leave them behind.


Stargazing 14k
Some secrets sit like bombs waiting to explode, weighing
on our consciousness. Others alter the fabric of our existence, intertwining with our pasts and forever changing who we are,
who we become, and who we love.

The Waiting Heart  5k
Hope and reason can rarely co-exist

Wash Away Those Years 1/2 12k
Wash Away Those Years 2/2  6k
"Fifteen years. Can't quite decide if that's a lifetime or just a
handful of sand in the wind. Fifteen years ago the aliens came
with their bees and ships and death that followed them
like a shadow."


The Witching Hour 13k
Several nights in the lives of our two agents; can connections
be carried through dreams and what really is the thing that keeps
us up at night?

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