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A famous Holocaust Photo

Last Update 6 July 2006


The above photo is one of the most iconic images of the Holocaust. Whilst the identity of the German SS man pointing the machine gun is known, that of the little boy is not, although some of the other people captured in this photograph have been identified.
The photo was included in the infamous “Stroop Report – The Warsaw Ghetto no longer exists.”

See extracts from Richard Raskin's book A Child at Gunpoint:

1. The Boy in the Photo
There are four possible identities for the little boy held at gunpoint.

1.1. Artur Dab Siemiatek
This was advanced as early as 1950, but documentation was first found in 1977 - 78. One source was responsible for making the claim, a woman named Jadwiga Piesecka, who was a resident of Warsaw.
According to a statement she signed on 24 January 1977, the boy in the photograph was named Artur Siemiatek born in Lowicz in 1935. He was the son of Leon Siemiatek and Sara Dab, and the grandson of the signatory’s brother, Josef Dab.
A similar attestation was signed the following year in Paris by Jadwiga Piesecka’s husband, Henryk Piasecki, dated 28 December 1978.

1.2. Tsvi Nussbaum
In 1982, a 47 year old ear, nose, and throat specialist in Rockland County, New York, came forward with the statement that in 1943, at the age of seven, he had been arrested in Warsaw and ordered to raise his hands by an SS man standing in front of him and aiming a gun at him. Although he could not recall that a photograph was taken, Dr. Nussbaum believed that he might be the child in the picture. Tsvi Nussbaum expressed uncertainty that he was the boy in the photo, whilst others say that it is him. There are indeed two specific factors that weigh heavily against him being that boy.
The first is that although he was arrested in Warsaw, he had never set foot in the ghetto. The second is the date he was arrested. Tsvi Nussbaum clearly remembers that he was arrested on 13 July 1943. This was nearly two months after the "Stroop Report" is thought to have been completed and sent to Himmler and Krüger.
In the early 1930’s Nussbaum’s parents emigrated from Poland to Palestine, where