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Meeting Adult Learner's Needs - A Vision of What Can Be

  What you may have experienced "the default": What learners, especially adults, respond to:
Self Concept dependency self directed
Experience relatively little credit given to learner's life experiences learners are a rich resource for learning
Time Perspective future. "Someday you'll need to know this" i.e. educational spinach immediate application. Will utilize within the next few hours/days
Orientation to Learning subject centered problem centered
Climate authority centered, formal, competitive mutually respectful
Planning by teacher mutual planning
Diagnosis of Needs by teacher mutual diagnosis
Objectives Determined by teacher mutual negotiation
Activities transmittal techniques experiential, inquiry
Evaluation by teacher mutual evaluation
* learner's progress
* improve curriculum

Adapted by Cynthia Crawford from Malcolm Knowles (1978) The Adult Learner - A Neglected Species

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