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Labor, Kadima expected to sign coalition agreement by Monday morning (Haaretz)
Hungarian president arrives in Jordan to boost trade, economic ties (DPA)
U.S. military judge denies Internet access to 9/11 mastermind inside Guantanamo (AP)
IDF finds and detonates 9 pipe bombs near Nablus (Haaretz)
Andy Ram and temporary partner win final at Vienna tennis tournament (Army Radio)
Mofaz: The responsibility of unifying Kadima`s ranks lies with Livni and me (Haaretz)
IDF sappers safely detonate 4 explosive devices found near Gaza crossing (Haaretz)
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One State solution? Let the debate begin
If Palestinians are on the way to changing their goal, and presenting the world with a new vision for their future, Israel shouldn?t be lagging behind

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What killed the campaign for Darfur?
The old-style, activist-driven battle for Darfur is over. Choosing China over Bush is one reason that it ended before it even really began

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Does Israel need American consent to attack Iran?
If Israel declares it would only act with U.S. permission, it risks giving up on the one chip it has in its arsenal.

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On Peter Rodman, Lebanon and Syria
I realized that for Rodman the one key message was this: Israel's leaders (and the U.S.'s) should make sure that they not only "make the right decisions, but also that they are making them for the right reasons."

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Posted: July 25, 2008

Obama will take care of it
In a predictable outburst of provincialism, the Democratic presidential candidate, Barack Obama, has become the fashionable darling of the Israeli left.

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