This site is partly an exercise in vanity and partly a collection of some cool stuff I think other people will dig.

I've posted articles about food, computers, current events, the entire text of William Gibson's Neuromancer, the script from Bladerunner...

I look at this place as a scrapbook / journal. A digital version of the paper ones I've kept my entire life. Nothing more, nothing less. Don't read any more into it than necessary.


And in a morbid way, a record of my predilections that will hopefully live on after I die, on some server, somewhere. Grandiose? Maybe. Maybe I just have the balls to admit it. Maybe one day, in the year 2201, a relation of mine will see these zeros and ones, and say, "Damn, he had fun." That is, if we don't annihilate one and other.

This is also a place for me to learn more about digital data manipulation. The graphics could be better. Higher resolution. I could take more time on the writing, on the design. Some of the pages are overloaded with images. But I beg your indulgence.

There is a sense of urgency to it all. I upload things before they are finished, perhaps. But I make no apologies. The world moves fast, and by the time I'm done with one thing, I've started another. Not really a good trait, I'm fully aware.

So with that in mind, however you may have ended up here, please look around.

Maybe I'll inspire you to be exactly who you want to be. Maybe you'll call me a fool.

b a c k