And Then You Die
And Then You Die
And Then You Die

And Then You Die

Whereas other panel games explore the wonder of humanity and all its achievements, And Then You Die celebrates mediocrity, death and the futility of life in all its misplaced glory. Sounds depressing doesn't it?

Well worry not, And Then You Die is hosted by the mighty Barrie Stardust - one of the biggest TV Stars of the 80s and one of the greatest comic talents to come out of Blackpool. Finally making his comeback after that "incident" in a lay-by and free from the drug addiction that almost wrecked his life, Barrie is back and ruder than ever.

Featuring a variety of fantastic comic talent, And Then You Die is the greatest programme to feature a presenting puppet since Gordon the Gopher fronted The Broom Cupboard.

And, as an added bonus, it doesn't feature Andy Peters.

Round One – Life's A Bitch

The show opens with 'Life's A Bitch', a round which looks at the event or news story the public have found most annoying during the week. It's a toughie – how can ranting, easily annoyed comedians begin to put 'celebrity adoption', the 'obsession with the property ladder' or 'the obesity crisis' in order of annoyance?

Round Two – Dead Silly Buggers

In the words of Barrie Stardust himself, this round is "dedicated to the dead and buried whose implausible deaths resulted from their own fantastic idiocy." Teams are given three factors which contributed to the unfortunate person's demise and from these factors they have to work out exactly how they popped their clogs.

Round Three – The Shame Game

Against the clock, one member from each team is handed a series of cards which outline a number of famous celebrity misdemeanors. The panelist then has to act out the scenario to their fellow teammate using any means at their disposal. Unfortunately for the contestants, they have to do it without mentioning any of the words written on the card.

Round Four – The End Is Nigh

The final round of the show is a quick-fire round appropriately titled, 'The End Is Nigh'. According to Barrie, each question is "imbued with the veneer of misery" and the panellists simply have to buzz in with the correct answer. The team with the most points at the end of the show is lucky enough to receive the coveted And Then You Die commemorative urn.

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