Penguin Hide and Seek

This mini-game has been rated as Low Risk. See the Mini-Games page for a definition of high and low risk.


Penguin Hide and Seek is mini-game which has you going around RuneScape searching for disguised penguins. These penguins can look like a bush, a rock, or even a cactus. They will constantly be on the move, so if you wish to find them, you too must be quick. With rewards like GP or experience in a skill of your choosing, that should be reason enough to try and find some. You may even get lucky and have one bump into you!

To start Penguin Hide and Seek, speak with Larry at Ardougne Zoo. Even if you don't plan on hunting them, you should speak with him anyways, because you never know if you might find one unintentionally. The concept of Penguin Hide and Seek is a simple one. There are various penguins scattered around RuneScape every week, and your job is to find them. They are distinguishable in the fact that you can click on the penguin to "Spy-on" them. You earn 1 Penguin Point for every penguin you spy on. After completing the Cold War quest, harder to reach penguins will give 2 points. Remember that because they are very small and have disguises that blend to their surroundings, they can be almost anywhere.

Even where you least expect it!
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Finding Penguins

Since this mini-game will have you travelling around RuneScape, having the essential items will make things easier. It isn't necessary to carry all the different teleportation items in your inventory, having access to them in your bank will suffice. See the Getting Around guide for full details on the different ways to get around. Recommended items to have

  • Spy notebook - The Spy notebook Larry gives you in the beginning is a way of keeping track of how many penguins you have spotted as well as how many Penguin Points you have. You do not need the notebook to spy on penguins.
  • Coins - Payment for various transport systems.
  • Runes for NPC Contact - If you are on Lunar Magicks, then using NPC contact is a way to talk to Larry without continuously teleporting to Ardougne.
  • Runes for Teleportation Spells / Teleport Tablets - To get to major locations fast.
  • Enchanted Jewelry - Amulet of glory, Games necklace, Ring of dueling, etc.
  • Quest Related Items - Dramen staff, Ectophial, etc.
  • A way to restore energy - Bull Ant / Spirit Terrorbird, Explorer's Ring, Energy potions, etc.

You can ask Larry to give you a hint as to where a penguin may be. This will narrow down the possible locations to search for one. When you think you are at a place where a penguin may be hiding, it is time to find it. Penguins will have a disguise to help them blend to their surroundings, so it is very common to miss seeing one. Below are the different disguises that the penguins use.

Penguin Disguises
Disguise Picture Examine
Barrel Barrel What's black and white and smells like beer?
Bush Bush What's black and white and down to earth?
Cactus Cactus What's black and white and covered in spines?
Crate Crate What's black and white and on a sneaking mission?
Rock Rock What's black and white and looks like a rock hopper?
Toadstool Toadstool What's black and white and covered in mushrooms?

If you do find one, just choose the "Spy-on Penguin" option and Penguin Points will be awarded according to how difficult it was to get to the location. Most of the time, major cities and areas will award 1 point, while more secluded quest related places will give 2 points.

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Penguin Rewards

After a hard day's work, your efforts will not in vain. Larry will gladly reward you based on the amount of Penguin Points you have collected. You have a choice between:

  • 6500 Coins per Penguin Point or
  • Experience in any skill

The amount of experience per Penguin Point is equal to the level of that skill multiplied by 25. Therefore, someone with level 1 Agility would get 25 experience per point, while someone with level 99 Summoning would get 2475 experience per point. Note that you cannot distribute the Penguin Points to get experience in different skills. When you choose the skill you want experience in, all the Penguin Points will be used up. Likewise, you can't split the points between coins and experience. If you wish to portion out the rewards, cash in the Penguin Points before searching for more.

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Finding something small in a big world is incredibly difficult. These tips might help you locate more penguins in your journey:

  • Penguins will only hide at ground level.
  • You can only spy on a specific penguin once.
  • If you have sound on, you will hear sounds when you are near a hiding spot.
  • Larry is there to offer hints, not guidelines. If he says there is a penguin in Lleyta, you don't have to look for that specific penguin.
  • The hints that Larry give change every week, as does the location of the penguins.
  • Larry will give all of his clues if you stand there and talk to him over and over, so there is no need to continually call him or visit him, except to claim your points.
  • If a hint says that a penguin is in a certain city or place, be sure to search the surrounding area. Penguins are on the move often and it isn't uncommon to find one far from the hint given.
  • You can get a maximum of 15 Penguin Points per week, and you can save up to 50 Penguin Points before exchanging them.
  • World 60 is the unofficial Penguin Hide and Seek world. Search in this world for the most support.
  • Searching alone can be quite tedious and boring. This mini-game is much better when you have help. Joining a Clan Chat can increase the likeliness of finding a penguin. The members will be able to tell others if they find a penguin, and you can tell them if you find one.


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Thanks to: n_odie, pokemama

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Last updated: 11-Oct-2008




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