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BY CURT McKEEVER / Lincoln Journal Star

Saturday, Sep 02, 2006 - 10:31:01 pm CDT

1. With cornerbacks Cortney Grixby and Isaiah Fluellen both suffering injuries, what’s the likelihood that some offensive players are asked to try and add depth to the Huskers’ secondary?

None, according to cornerbacks coach Phil Elmassian. Grixby was able to return and if Fluellen is out for an extended period, so be it.

“You’ve still got Titus (Brothers). You’ve still got Tyrell (Spain). One of the freshmen — Corey Young or (Anthony) West — probably elevate one of the two,” Elmassian said. “Don’t know yet. We’ll look at the tapes.”

2. Is there a concern about the lack of touchbacks produced by kicker Jordan Congdon?

For the record, the sophomore booted none of his seven attempts into the Tech end zone and Jake Wesch also was 0-for-1, but Tech’s average return was just 17.6 yards.

“At times, we'll try to do a sky kick, let coverage get down there and try to pin them and not get them returns,” said Shawn Watson, who helps coach special teams. “Some (non-touchbacks) are by design.”

3. Will the running back by-committee system continue?

With Marlon Lucky and Cody Glenn both averaging more than 6  yards per carry on their 13 attempts, and Kenny Wilson and Brandon Jackson combining for another 83 yards on 18 more rushes, offensive coordinator Jay Norvell didn’t see much on Saturday to make him think there will be serious tweaks soon.

“They’re all going to have to play in critical situations,” Norvell said. “We want them to all be complete backs, but at the same time, I think we’ve got guys that can play in different situations and we’ll be able to keep guys healthy and fresh during the game.”

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