Hunting Maps

There are several hunting locations all across the world where a member can train their Hunter skill. They are listed below in alphabetical order. Use these maps as well as our Hunting Guide to make the most out of your time hunting.

Note: All these locations are accessible by members only.

Hunting Locations

Region Creatures Found (Hunting Level Required) Kingdom
Desert Golden Warbler (5), Desert Devil (13), Orange Salamander (47). Kharidian Desert
Elven Pawya(66), Grenwall(77). Tirannwn
Jungle Crimson Swift (1), Feldip Weasel (7), Tropical Wagtail (19), Spined Larupia (31), Barb-tailed Kebbit (33), Black Warlock (45), Red Chinchompa (63). Feldip Hills
Karamja Horned Graahk (41). Karamja
Snow Polar Kebbit (1), Cerulean Twitch (11), Sapphire Glacialis (25), Snowy Knight (35), Sabre-toothed Kebbit (51), Sabre-toothed Kyatt (55). Kandarin
Swamp Swamp Lizard (29). Morytania
Temple Red Salamander (59).
Wilderness Black Salamander (67). Wilderness
Woodland Common Kebbit (3), Copper Longtail (9), Ruby Harvest (15), Wild Kebbit (23), Ferret (27), Rabbit (27), Prickly Kebbit (37), Spotted Kebbit (43), Razor-back Kebbit (49), Chinchompa (53), Dark Kebbit (57), Dashing Kebbit (69). Kandarin




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