Professor (Personal Chair)


Professor of Chemical Engineering

   Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering (since 1989)

Associate Dean Research, School of Engineering

Director, Pulp and Paper Research Unit, The University of Auckland, April 1989-December 2000. 
Director, Pulp and Paper Research Organisation of New Zealand, PAPRO NZ, January 1986-September 1988;
Associate Director, Pulp and Paper Research Organisation of New Zealand, September 1988-March1990;
Professor, and  Head of Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, August 1989-February 1994;
Associate Professor, Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, 1976-1988;
Senior Lecturer, Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, The University of Auckland,1969-1975;
Lecturer, NSW Institute of Technology, 1965-1969.

·               FRS NZ   Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand

·               FIChemE   Fellow Institution of Chemical Engineers, England,

·               Fellow Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry, (Tappi), USA

·               Member Australian and New Zealand Pulp and Paper Technical Association   

           (Appita), Australia

·               Member International Association of Scientific Papermakers

Fluid mechanics, non-Newtonian fluid flow, solid-liquid two-phase flow, heat transfer, process dynamics and control, pulp and paper technology.

Flow of wood pulp fibre suspensions and associated problems of flow metering, fibre concentration measurement, pressure pulsations, flocculation, screening, mixing, fibre fractionation, defibration, pneumatic transport of fibres. Infrared heating and drying, wood chip screening, pulp washing, particulate solids transport in fibre suspensions, paper sheet formation and formation-flocculation, energy reduction in mechanical pulping, heat transfer to fibre suspensions, novel processing methods.

·            Consulted widely in New Zealand, Australia, USA, Sweden, Norway and Finland.
·            Managing Director of my own consulting and marketing company, Fibre Dynamics Ltd, specialising in infrared drying and fluid mechanics problems.
·            Industrial projects include the design of pipeline systems, product development, infrared heating and drying, wet-end problems, paper and pulp testing, pulp characterisation, and fibre processing problems.
·            Special projects include technical consultants and expert witness in law suits and project/planning in research organisations.
Pulp suspension flow and flocculation flow problems, fibre separation and characterisation, pulp washing; infrared drying; solids and capsule transport in fibre suspensions; pulp and fibre characterisation and prediction of final sheet properties; heat transfer fouling and mitigation

·        New Zealand Science and Technology Silver Medal, for “an exceptional contribution to industry and the community over three decades in the field of fluid mechanics of fibre suspensions”, The Royal Society of New Zealand 2003.

·        ESSO Award from Chemeca for “Outstanding, innovative, on going published contributions in Chemical Engineering” in Australasia 2002.

·        University Medal Distinguished Teaching Award, The University of Auckland (1995)   Merit Awards for excellence in undergraduate teaching, Faculty of Engineering, 1990, 1991, 1997, 1998, and 2003;  “Top Twenty” 1999, 2000, 2002, 2004

·        Fellow of IPENZ, 1991

·        Fellow of TAPPI, 1990

·        Personal Chair (Professorship), The University of Auckland, 1988

·        DEng Doctor of Engineering degree, The University of Auckland, 1988

·        FRSNZ Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand, 1987

·        L. R. Benjamin Appita Silver Medal (1982)

·        E. R. Cooper Royal Society Medal (1975).



   218 published journal and conference papers including 10 patents.  62 technical reports.  


Some Recent Refereed Publications


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     Conference Proceedings:

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