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I wrote a Farscape slash story. I'm obviously in desperate need of help. It was fun to write, though.

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Copyright Notices

Farscape is copyrighted by Sci-Fi Channel and The Jim Henson Company.

The X-Files is trademarked and copyrighted by 20th Century Fox Film Corp, and Ten-Thirteen Productions.

Star Trek and Star Trek:Deep Space Nine are copyrighted by Paramount Pictures and Star Trek is a registered trademark of Paramount Pictures, registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

No copyright or trademark infringement of any kind is intended by the humble author, who wishes only to remind the copyright and trademark owners that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

What is fan fiction?

Fan fiction is what you get when fans of a television series, movie, or book(s) want to see and read more. It is not intended to infringe on the copyright or hard work of the wonderful folks who give us a starting point for our fiction, but rather is a way of expressing how inspired we are by their hard work.

In many ways, fan fiction is easier than writing from scratch, because you can assume that the reader knows the "backstory" -- they are already familiar with the people, places and things of the universe in which the story is set. The author can just jump right into the plot without a lot of details about who these people are and why they're here. :-)

Fan fiction also gives an author the means of exploring situations that will not be shown in the source material. This can be because it would be too difficult or expensive to do (special effects are very cheap on paper) or the story is too long (epic tales don't work well on the small screen in the 43.5 minutes you have between commercials) or because the material is too "controversial" (witness Star Trek's reluctance to have any gay or bisexual characters on TNG, DS9 or Voyager).

Explanation of my personal Ratings

I like to think that I write tasteful stories that tend toward adult themes. So far, my readers agree with me. <Grin> I also write a lot more sex than violence. And, as I am bi, I don't differentiate between gay or bi and straight sex in my rating system.

Story Summaries


There is just the one story, so far. For more info on Farscape see the B5/SF links on my links page.

"Boys Night In" -- Rated NC-17 for explicit sex. D'Argo and Crichton find a way to smooth over their differences.

X-Files sigil

The X-Files

BTW, There are German translations of a number of X-Files stories, including mine..

Short stories

"Friends and Enemies" -- Rated PG for mild language. Mulder and Scully go hunting for UFOs. Who is the mysterious stranger who helps them?

"Pidge" stories

"Miracles" -- Rated NC-17 for sexual content, some violence and language. Scully finds an odd medical study that sparks Mulder's interest in an unsolved murder. While investigating the case, they stumble across a young girl who is being held against her will in a research facility. Why?

"Head Games" -- Rated NC-17 for sexual content, some violence and language. In this sequel to "Miracles", Pidge returns to DC for a vacation with her friends. But Mulder's nightmares take a sinister turn and he and Scully must to uncover the cause. (Visit the Temple of the Air!)

Vignettes and erotica

"Pleasant Dreams" -- Rated PG-13 for mild language and sexual situations. Mulder is befriended by a fellow agent who turns out to be gay. Isn't his life complicated enough? (This one isn't really an X-File, just a vignette.)

"Knock, Knock" -- Rated NC-17 for sexual content. Also known as, "Mulder and Scully DO IT!" Yes, just like many other X-Files writers, I had to try my hand at a piece of Mulder/Scully erotica.

"Authority" -- Rated NC-17 for sexual content. A fairly kinky bit involving Mulder and Skinner. It's a bit aggressive, but not violent.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

"Of Two Minds" -- Rated PG for mild language and mild violence. Ambassador Mazjad Shayin, from the telepathic species of the Adjani in the Gamma Quadrant, visits Deep Space Nine. Her life is put in jeopardy when she is attacked. Can her new friend, Dr. Julian Bashir, save her?

"Field Trip" -- Rated NC-17 for sexual content and mild language. Mazjad Shayin returns to Deep Space Nine with other ambassadors from the Gamma Quadrant. Facing a personal crisis, she turns to her friends for help, while the station prepares to celebrate a Bajoran holiday.

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