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Welcome to Liberty Ballers

Welcome Sixers fans. Libertyballers is the newest addition to SBNation, the best Sports Blog network on the web. I'd like to welcome all readers, old and new. Hopefully the loyal guys I had over at Sixersoul embrace the change and join me here at LibertyBallers (LB for short).

I started Sixersoul not too long ago with a goal in mind. That goal was eventually to bolster SBNation's already long list of great NBA blogs with the one they've desperately been missing-a Sixers blog. I was thrilled when they asked me to join them and know I have my best writing ahead of me. I'm also looking forward developing a solid community where we can all laugh, analyze, cry and eventually celebrate that championship that's been 26 years overdue. If you are not sure what to expect at LB, you can always check out my old blog (

We'll have a lot of fun here at LB. My goal is to provide a place where Sixers fans expect to come and find the latest and greatest updates on their team. Whether it's news on one of Ed Stefanki's (the greatest GM on the planet) moves, game recaps or Sammy D's latest rendition of Happy Birthday ,we'll have it here at LB. Besides the name change and the layout, the biggest difference between Sixersoul and LB is the fact that you, the fan, can be heard. Your voice comes in the form of a FanShot or FanPost. For more information on all the features that Sixersoul didn't have, check out the SBNation Welcome Guide.

(Note: You must sign up for LibertyBallers to have access all of the features, like commenting or posting fanshots/fanposts. Signing up for an account is free and easy, unlike most things in life. Signing up not only gives you the opportunity to join LibertyBallers, but all of the other great blogs on the network. If you are already a member of a SBNation, you know the drill.)

I also want to give a special thanks to all the contributers over at Sixersoul. Here's to you: Ben, Dion, honolulu, Sexual Tyrannosaurus, Zack with a K, Mike, Michael, Chris, JDoc, James Beale, Dannie, Ed, Ricky, james, Depressed Fan, walsh, matto, DinoBlogger, Dave, DaTruth, Sixaz4Lyfe, Morty, jon and Brandon Hoffman. I hope to see even more of you guys here at LB, posting diaries and all that jazz. Remember these blogs are nothing without the fans. I'm out for now. Be sure to check back all Sixers, all day, everyday. Peace!

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New Blog...

Old blog was great… I am looking forward to your insight and writing on the best team! Glad to see you at SBNation.

by fadeout on Oct 10, 2008 7:38 PM PDT reply reply   0 recs

i started reading sixersoul around 2 weeks ago when JasonB from directed me to it after i asked him why there wasn’t a sixers blog here on sbnation.. and i am incredibly stoked to find this blog right noww

welll… fuckity, fuck, fuck

by Remis on Oct 11, 2008 5:16 PM PDT reply reply   0 recs

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