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New UK TV ad amongst huge new marketing plan as top five Christmas place is targeted

Sega is embarking on its first re-marketing of a catalogue title in a bid to keep Mario and Sonic in the UK All Formats top five until Christmas.

The ambitious target has been set after the Wii and DS title clocked up 1.2m sales in the UK since launch last year.

“We will re-advertise this title heavily and continue re-marketing it all through the year,” Sega’s UK boss Alan Pritchard told MCV. “We’ve sustained sales at 25,000 a week. Even GTA IV, Wii Fit and Mario Kart haven’t dented it that much. Importantly, it has held price too.”

A new TV creative is being produced for roll-out soon, whilst Sega is planning for further uplift alongside its launch of an official Olympics simulation game in the summer and the start of the tournament itself in August.


The success of Mario and Sonic has underpinned a tremendous period for Sega, which has seen the company rise as high as number two publisher by value during April. A powerful line-up between now and next March has the company hoping it can break into the top five for the year as a whole in the all-important publisher rankings.

Meanwhile, the product portfolio continues to grow, after Sega announced a multi-title tie-up with Japanese studio Platinum Games.


Posted by: Sam - Jun 2, 6:40pm

Sega saved by Mario. Ironic, isn't it ?


“Re: -”
Posted by: KonEL01 - Jun 2, 11:28pm

i just picked MnSatO up a week before wii fit hit stores. i wasnt really planning on picking it up at all. i walked into my gamespot just randomally one day and saw a new copy at $25. for that price i jumped on it. it's decent. in some ways curtain games get my heart going more than wii fit.

something is missing from it. not as fun as wii sports but strangily more content than wii sports and wii fit combined. although it does a pollished look to and feel. sega just cant capture the nintendo feel.


“Time for a change”
Posted by: ka0znrky - Jun 4, 1:30pm

I think Sega have lost their individuality in the last few years. They don't seem to know were they are going, Sonic is a prime example of this. Every game they make has a different feel to it, or some other gimmicky way of trying to reinvent sonic.

Maybe this would be a good time for them to reflect and get a plan together while money is coming in before the popularity of the M&SOGames runs out and they start heading into the red.

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