Death Academy
Year: 2005
Directed by: Daniel Lehmussaari
Cast: Sigrid Josefsson
Tomas Kärrstedt
Ulrica Hedén
Henrik Järv
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Ten years ago four students were killed at a school,
the killer was arrested and put in jail. Now, a
couple of students have decided to do an essay on
the murders. They get in touch with the killer who
claims that he's innocent and that the principal
is in fact the real killer. They take his word for
it and decide to break into school one late night
to find proof. What they don't know is that someone
doesn't want the truth to come out and as the night
falls, they soon realize that they're trapped
inside the school with a vicious serial killer.

As many of you might know I'm very sceptical when
it comes to Swedish horror movies and so was the
case with this one. I had seen the trailer and
honestly, it didn't impress me very much. When I
sat down to watch it, the opening scene made me
feel even less impressed. The opening scene shows
two teenage girls and two supposed to be teenage
boys drinking after a party. First of all, I thought
that chicks in slashers were supposed to be good
looking, something which these girls are not.
Second of all, the guys barely look 15, one of
them actually looks like he's about 12. The older
looking guy who's supposed to be dating one of the
girls talks in such a feminine way that you get
the immediate impression that he's gay and not in
the least attracted to the girl (however, I doubt
he would be even if he was straight). Third of all,
three of the teens are very bad actors and seem to
have a hard time forgetting about the camera. The
only exception is a girl who throws up a lot, she
turned out to be a pretty good actress actually.

The opening titles pop up in a pretty cheesy way
and I'm left to believe that this is yet another
awful Swedish horror flick, though the best looking
one after Strandvaskaren aka Drowning Ghost. Then,
all of a sudden the main movie begins and things
change rapidly. All of a sudden we get a good-looking
cast, better than average DTV actors and a plot that
actually looks interesting. As I went further into
the movie I realized that the opening scene was
the only bad thing about the movie. The main story
is not only entertaining but there are also many
suspenseful scenes, a couple of good scares and
lots of gore. You can imagine how happy I was to
find myself enjoying a Swedish horror movie as I've
always craved for a good Swedish horror flick.

Death Academy follows the normal slasher routine
with a masked killer killing off a bunch of hot
teens which I've been dying to see for ages now.
It was quite a while ago we got to see a gory
and good slasher. The directing and photography
both looks incredibly good and it's also shot
in widescreen which was highly appreciated. If
you ever decide to check out a Swedish horror
flick, make sure it's this one as it is really
a lot more entertaining than the rest and you
don't have to sit through loads of stupid and
immature jokes that are more sad than funny.
Forget Camp Slaughter, forget Strandvaskaren,
this is one of the best slashers you'll see this
year. Believe me.

Woo! This was one hell of a gory flick! We get
slit throats, head dismemberments (as the tagline
suggests; School can not only be dull, it can
also be decapitating!), an axe in the head, a
fire extinguisher bashed into ones head leaving
a big hole and lots and lots more.

I have very mixed feelings towards the soundtrack.
Most of it is very good and very atmospheric but
every now and then a metal sounding rock tune is
played where a guy sings something like "The boy
said she was a whore, but she didn't care she just
wanted more", that really didn't do it for me.
However, we get rock, techno and creepy music so
there's something here for everyone.

Surprisingly good slasher flick from the country
which I thought was incapable of making horror
movies. If you're going to see a Swedish horror
flick, make sure it's this one as it's clearly
the best one they've released!

Review By: AnthroFred