UPDATE: Mega Man 9 is WiiWare exclusive

Sorry PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 owners, Mega Man 9 is not coming to your systems, after all.

Sorry XBLA and PSN, I'm WiiWare only!

Sorry XBLA and PSN, I'm WiiWare only!

In a major coup for Nintendo's up-and-coming WiiWare digital download service, Capcom confirmed Monday that the "new retro" title Mega Man 9 is only coming out for that service--not Xbox Love Arcade or the PlayStation Network.

Originally announced via a Nintendo Power exclusive last week as a WiiWare game, Mega Man 9 was then quickly listed as an XBLA and PSN release on June 27 thanks to an E3 listing. It would have marked the first simultaneous game release across all three download services.

But alas, today we found out otherwise, as ars technica received confirmation from Capcom that the news was incorrect.

"Capcom pinged us to let us know that the game is currently slated 'for WiiWare only' and that the information data indicating otherwise in the E3 roster was a mistake on its part," wrote ars writer Frank Caron.

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congrats fuk tard now go hang ur self
careful tg211 . . . you don't know me


its not like im going to loose any sleep over this. i never liked the series. didnt they have like 15 mega mans all together. i have a wii and im going to pass on mega man 9


i'd honestly be way more excited if it wasn't just 8-bit. why not just make it look as good as you can (but still 2D)


yeah I guess thw Wii is the only system that can handle those 80bit Mind Blowing graphics


I think releasing sequels with the old tech is a trend we'll start seeing sooner or later, depending on this games' success.[p] Hopefully they're working on it as a labor of love, just like Mega man 2. =0)


8-bit i meant lol ,. oh well i f i want it i'll just have to get it on my Wii(and never play it lol)

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