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Student Voters Pick Barack Obama to Win 2008 Election

money.cnn.com — The votes are in and student voters have spoken: Democratic nominee Senator Barack Obama is the winner of the 2008 Scholastic Election Poll, with 57% of the vote over Republican contender Senator John McCain, who received 39% of the student vote. More… (US Elections 2008)


Awesome Abandoned Airfields, Airports and Aircraft [42 PICS]

weburbanist.com — Air travel has become a major part of our society, with industries and individuals depending on air transport for their livelihood. But have you ever wondered what happens to the artifacts of our airborne culture when they're no longer needed?More… (Travel & Places)


Going West [XKCD] view!

IMAGExkcd.com (Comics & Animation) made popular 31 min ago

Road to Dr. Dre's 'Detox', 10 songs showing where he's been

prefixmag.com — "Detox is coming." By now, most of us should be immune to this statement about Dre's follow-up to his 1999 album, 2001 (a.k.a. Chronic 2001). But every time Dre repeats this mantra, we all get that itch. Maybe this will be the year....More… (Music)


Phillies Beat Dodgers 7-5 in Game 4 of NLCS

reuters.com — Matt Stairs belted a pinch-hit two-run homer in the eighth inning to lift Philadelphia to a 7-5 win over the Los Angeles Dodgers on Monday and a 3-1 lead in the National League Championship Series. Dodgers must now win the next three games in a row or face elimination.More… (Baseball)


Lehman Brothers $100 Mil Executive Payout Before Bankruptcy

thinkprogress.org — The Times of London reports that just three days before going bankrupt, the board of Wall Street financial giant Lehman Brothers “signed off on more than $100m (£59m) in payouts to five top executives.” More… (Business & Finance)


Buckley Fired for Endorsing Obama

thedailybeast.com — Christopher Buckley, columnist for the National Review and son of the magazines founder, Charles Buckley, has been fired for his endorsement of Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) for President. Here's Chirstopher Buckley in his own words. More… (Political News)


Geeks in Depression view!

IMAGEgeekandpoke.typepad.com (Comics & Animation) made popular 1 hr 31 min ago


PalinAsPresident.com — Can you imagine if Sarah Palin became president? You can now...More… (Comedy)


Google Profiting From Typo Squatting, Report Charges

blog.wired.com — Google is profiting from millions of typo-squatting websites that earn advertising from Google's Adwords advertising program, Harvard University professor Ben Edelman says.More… (Tech Industry News)


Upside Down Dogs

upsidedowndogs.com — They are like regular dogs, but they are upside down.More… (Comedy)

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