Glazer: Gonzalez wants out of K.C.

by Jay Glazer

Jay Glazer is a Senior NFL Writer for on MSN and also appears every week on FOX NFL Sunday as the network's NFL Insider.

Updated: October 12, 2008, 3:37 PM EST 63 comments

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Chiefs tight end Tony Gonzalez is now clearly on the trade block and hopes to have a new team by Tuesday's seldom-used trade deadline. While reports have surfaced of the extent of trade talks, Gonzalez has remained largely silent ... until now.

In an exclusive interview, the league's all-time receiving leader for a tight end admits he's asked for a trade and is hoping his wishes will be granted this week.

"The Chiefs have a three-year plan to make this team good," Gonzalez said late last night. "They are going young and at this point in my career, I want to play for a known contender — a team that has a chance to get to win the Super Bowl before my career ends. If it doesn't happen, of course I'll play my butt off at the same level I always have. But by the time their plan comes to fruition I'll be finishing up my career."

So Gonzalez went to team president/general manager Carl Peterson as far back as three weeks ago and asked for a trade, a deal he believed would benefit both sides. The Chiefs at first were reluctant to even remotely entertain the thought of bidding farwell to their most popular player of the last decade. But in the ensuing weeks Gonzalez continued to work on Peterson, appealing to their relationship.

"Carl has been like my third father figure so he understands me better than anyone in this business," he said. "He knows we're going to experience some growing pains for a while and I asked him to let me finish my career on a team not in a rebuilding mode. Normally I don't think it would be considered, but we have a different relationship than most.

"He said he understood and if there was a deal that would work for both sides, he'd try to make it happen for me."

The Chiefs have held talks with several teams but the franchise — at least among those rumored to be interested — that is most attractive to him is the Giants. Obviously New York makes the most sense on paper, considering they are already rolling and have proven they can win the Big Game. Gonzalez would add veteran leadership they lost with the retirement of Michael Strahan. Plus his addition to their red zone attack would give the Giants offense quite the advantage.

The Giants, thus far, have shown lukewarm interest. One Giants source said the team is not jumping at the chance because they have been thriving with the league's top-rated offense, even without star wideout Plaxico Burress a week ago.

"We haven't really been using our tight end in the passing game much," said one Giants source.

With that said, the Giants offense has rolled so far, but that success has come primarily against teams with weak defenses. As the franchise hits the meat of their schedule and try to roll through the NFC East, why would they not take their chance with a sure-fire Hall-of-Famer such as Gonzalez?

While Gonzalez would likely have to agree to any trade, the Chiefs have called all over the league — not just to contenders — letting it be known that he could be had.

"It has to be a deal that works for both sides," he said. "That's what we talked about, only doing it if we can find something that works for both sides.

"Look, I'll always be a Chief but other players have moved on later in their careers looking for that ring. Reggie White, Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, Marcus (Allen), Favre ... it happens. This isn't easy for me to do. It's out of character for me but they may as well get something for me at this point."

MORE TRADE SCOOPAGE: In addition to Gonzalez, FOX Sports has also learned that in those calls, the Chiefs have also been offering star running back Larry Johnson as well, informing teams he could also be available for the right offer.

The only other significant name that is popping up on the trade rumor grapevine is Lions WR Roy Williams. While the team is not actively shopping him, they've had a change in direction with regards to whether or not they would move him. When Matt Millen was the man running the show he was not willing to listen to any inquiries. But now that Millen is gone, the team has changed course and is willing to at least listen.

Emphasis on listen.

Because the Lions are NOT shopping Williams, any team that is serious about trading for a bonafide No. 1 wide receiver needs to make the call and try to swing the deal. It's unlikely any deal would get done as the Lions could probably get the same value in the offseason that they could garner now and still have his services for the remainder of 2008.

PAC-ING IT IN? After his well-publicized incident this week, Adam "Pacman" Jones faces league scrutiny and possible punishment. However, if you ask his teammates he doesn't deserve to be booted.

Jones, after a practice late this week, addressed his teammates, telling them how sorry he was for bringing scrutiny and unneeded attention and distractions to the club. In addition, he's been talking privately with some players and opening up about his background, admitting he needs to find a way to permanently change.

One problem? The bodyguards. With the team having bodyguards following and driving Pacman everywhere he goes, it automatically places him in a situation where he's treated like a star — a much bigger star than he really is — and not a problem child.

So what happens now? Commissioner Goodell will finish gathering evidence hopefully by Tuesday and make the decision. It does not appear that a lifetime ban is an option. Instead, if anything there could be a small suspension and/or fine.

When the league reinstated Jones it was with a stern warning that one more major foul up and he's a goner. However, there was a little wiggle room put in place in case the incident did not warrant getting banished forever.

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