15 Retro Games for the Wii You Must Play

Super Bomberman 2 (Hudson/SNES)
Originally Released in 1994

Bomberman underwent several wannabe 3D iterations, but what kept fans coming back was the game's 2D core simplicity. The second Bomberman for the SNES did everything right, but the real draw was the precision-tuned multiplayer matches that usually kept four players going into the wee hours of the morning.

Super Mario All-Stars (Nintendo/SNES)
Originally Released in 1993

Super Mario All-Stars is a collection of the first three Super Mario games and the Lost Levels (which was previously available only in Japan). Sure, the original NES versions are a blast, but with All-Stars, all games received enhanced graphics and extra tweaks for smoother game play.

Super Mario World (Nintendo/SNES)
Originally Released in 1991

To help launch the 16-bit SNES, Nintendo needed a killer app, and Super Mario World was it. Packed-in with the SNES hardware units, fans of the NES 2D titles were blown away by the game's multi-scrolling levels and the introduction of what would become a hallmark Nintendo character, Yoshi. Filled with all the trademark factors of the other Mario titles, Super Mario World is a sprawling, secret-riddles epic action title with nearly endless replay value.

Super Metroid (Nintendo/SNES)
Originally Released in 1994

Super Metroid is the best game in the Metroid series--period. As Samus' only game for the SNES, Super Metroid pulled out all the stops, with this sprawling adventure. As the famed space bounty hunter, you explore a gigantic planet divided into sub-areas, and some of which can't be reached until you acquire certain upgrades for Samus' space suit. Part of the fun is exploring every nook and cranny of the geography to get a 100 percent completion rating. However, there are clever rewards for finishing the game in short order--such as being able to see Samus outside of her space suit.

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