SPIDER-MAN SEASON 3 (1970)

Baron Von Rantenraven, giant snowman, and Infinata.

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"The Winged Thing"/"Conner's Reptiles"
Two cheater stories reusing animation from Season 1. Spidey discovers the bird-man Vulture robbing a millionaire's penthouse safe and unsuccessfully tries to stop the flying fiend. Spidey is also unable to defeat the Vulture in confrontations at a building construction site and at a military base. The Vulture steals an animal-behavior-controlling device and brings terror to the skies above Manhattan by activating the device to compel all flying creatures to do his bidding. Spidey dupes the Vulture into flying into his own bird army, centralizing the device's controlling impulses and causing the winged things to attack its confused and panic-stricken wearer... Spidey swings to Florida again to battle a walking, thinking lizard. This time, the lizard is not a transformed Dr. Conner, but a reptile whose intelligence has been augmented in an experiment by Conner gone awry, and who has kidnaped Conner and holds the ill-fated scientist as captive at a Spanish fort. Spidey compounds a serum to reverse the lizard's mutation, confronts the bipedal, thinking lizard at the Spanish fort, webs the creature, and forces it to drink the serum, which causes it to vanish! Spidey rescues Conner and reunites him with his family.

"Trouble With Snow"/"Spiderman Vs. Desperado"
New York City children build a snowman with snow contaminated by trace chemicals from an industrial plant up the Hudson River, and a freak accident involving a broken electrical line hitting the snowman somehow brings the snowman to life. With every snowfall, the snowman grows, needing recharges of electricity to sustain itself and menacing the New York City populace. Spidey deduces from an electrically charged punch by the snowman that the "big bozo" is charged with electricity, and wires a maze of cables leading into a watered sewer. He lures the snowy behemoth into the cables, which drain the snowman's power, and it collapses into a formless heap of snow... Desperado, a cowboy criminal, lassos Spidey and begins a crime wave atop his electronic horse. Spidey arranges to ambush the sidewindin' crook with a phoney exhibit of Western paraphernalia at the Midtown Museum. Resisting the cowboy's hypnotic pistols, Spidey webs Desperado and gives the villain to the police to apprehend.

"Sky Harbor"/"The Big Brainwasher" A German Baron utilizes a flying aircraft carrier to launch an attack on New York City with World War One-style fighter airplanes. Spidey confounds the Baron by webbing himself to the Baron's airplane and manipulating the airplane to crash into the airborne hangar. Baron, airplane, and hangar descend into the Hudson River... The Kingpin's latest scheme to control New York involves a machine that brainwashes city officials into doing as he commands. Peter's girl-friend, Mary Jane, invites Peter to watch her dance on opening night at the Gloom Room A-Go-Go, a night club secretly owned by the Kingpin, and Peter notices that Mary Jane's camera, given to her by one of the Kingpin's thugs to snapshoot her high-echelon audience, is causing city officials in attendance at the night club to become groggy and to go to the night club's back room, where the brainwashing machine is. Spidey investigates this tendency and is captured by the Kingpin and shackled inside of a water chamber as the Kingpin holds Mary Jane and Mary Jane's uncle, Captain Stacy, hostage. Spidey breaks his shackles and withstands submersion in the water by webbing himself into an air-bubble. He then surprises the Kingpin's stooges and throws one of them at the Kingpin, rendering the enormous mobster unconscious, then frees Mary Jane and Captain Stacy. The Kingpin's machine is permanently put out of commission.

"The Vanishing Doctor Vespasian"/"Scourge of the Scarf"
Dr. Vespasian, a green-skinned, wrinkled scientist, concocts a drinkable invisibility formula and uses it on himself and his dog, Brutus. Together, they commit bank robberies, but Spiderman foils the vanishing, thieving genius by installing ice cream in a bank vault's sprinkler system and dropping the ice cream on top of the nefarious doctor. The police apprehend Vespasian by placing the ice-cream-drenched evil chemist on a huge sundae dish and loading him into an ice cream truck... From his vantage point atop a building, Spidey watches as crowds form long lines to attend Saturday night Broadway performances. To the panic of the mass of people, the Moon becomes a psychedelic pinwheel that fills the night sky and dizzies and renders everyone- including Spidey- unconscious. Led by an artistic genius called the Scarf, a band of looters emerge from a manhole and "fleece" the box offices of all of the theatres before the pinwheel disappears and every unconscious person revives. The Scarf's mechanically-projected pinwheeled Moon ploy having been a thieving success, he next targets a dowager's rare emerald and invites the dowager and other high-class New Yorkers to his psychedelic art show, where he laughing-gasses everybody so that his men, in gas masks, can steal the emerald and the attendees' other valuables. But Peter, suspecting a connection between the pinwheel phenomenon and the art show, has obtained a ticket to attend the show and resists the laughing gas. As Spidey, he chases the gas-masked Scarf out of the art show building, straight into a police dragnet summoned earlier by Spidey to surround the show. The police arrest the Scarf's gang of bandits.

"Super Swami"/"The Birth of Microman"
Super Swami, an obese, Oriental illusionist, seems to make the Brooklyn Bridge disappear piece by piece, with the cars thereon suspended in mid-air! He next appears to disintegrate the Hudson River, then seems to start a July snowfall! All of this, he says, is a demonstration of his power. He demands total obedience from the citizens of New York City, and when Spiderman web-swings into the sky to investigate the seeming snowfall, the Swami apparently traps Spidey inside of a crystal ball. Spidey breaks out of the truly rubbery ball and refuses to accept as real any of the Swami's other mechanically generated illusions. He kicks the Swami's face, sending the fat Oriental reeling down a large sewer pipe, and the police incarcerate the Swami and confiscate all of the Swami's illusion-causing equipment... Prof. Pretories, the most diabolical mind ever known to science, escapes jail, and Peter unknowingly helps the convict by car-driving him, a hitchhiker, to his secret-laboratory hideout. Peter then hears a news report on his car radio about Pretories and, as Spiderman, acts to reverse his mistake. Spidey discovers that Pretories has devised a means of shrinking himself to construct a miniature atomic detonator, the Kingdom Come Machine. Also reduced in size, Spidey confronts the tiny, menacing scientist and produces a deluge of water from a faucet to neutralize the atomic detonator and stymie Pretories so that the police can recapture him once Spidey and the criminal have returned to full size.

"Knights Must Fall"/"The Devious Dr. Dumpty"
Spidey jousts with a motorcycle-riding knight in armor who is robbing theatre box offices, armored trucks, and museum officials receiving a medieval artifact. While battling the knight on a ship that has arrived in New York Harbor to deliver the artifact to the museum officials, Spidey webs a barrier that stalls the "canned ham's" speeding motorcycle, throwing the knight off of the ship and into the water of New York Harbor. Spidey then traps the "canned flounder" in a web-net for the police... Dr. Dumpty, a corpulent jewel thief, attacks a parade with knock-out gas released from balloons, and he and his thugs, wearing gas masks, steal the jewels of actress Rachele Wells and abscond in a hot air balloon. Spiderman webs himself to the getaway balloon's carriage, but Dumpty orders his men to drop ballast sand bags on the super-hero, and Spidey loses his grip on his web and falls onto a parade balloon likeness of himself! Dumpty's next planned heist, of pure gold on display at a masquerade ball, is anticipated by Spidey, who comes to the ball in his own costume and has brought a gas mask. When Dumpty's men make their move and discharge laughing gas from balloons, Spidey preempts Dumpty's grab for the gold and spins a special slippery webbing to trip Dumpty's fleeing men so that police can arrest them. Spidey wields a ball attendee's sword to burst the balloon hat which Dumpty uses to descend from the building's balcony. The police are waiting for Dumpty on the street below and apprehend the corpulent crook.

"Up From Nowhere"
The weird Dr. Atlantian rises out of the ocean near New York City in his hive-like machine, which derives its power from Lunar motion. Atlantian represents the lost continent of Atlantis, which has developed an advanced technology in its centuries of undersea existence and now intends to conquer the surface world. With a ray emitted from his machine, Atlantian encases Manhattan in a bubble and sinks the island into the ocean. He next triggers a series of earthquakes to terrify Manhattan's people. Spidey swims through a gap in the bubble below the sunken city and advances on Atlantian's machine, and Atlantian grants to Spiderman access therein for the purpose of destroying him. Spidey ducks when Atlantian fires a laser beam, and the energy blast hits Atlantian's equipment, weakening it and allowing Manhattan to re-ascend to surface level. Spidey webs Atlantian for capture by the New York City police. This episode is essentially a remake of Season 2's "Swing City", with much of its animation reused. Atlantian is really a variation on the radiation specialist from "Swing City"; the difference is the addition of pointed ears, head fin, and fish-scales. And the interior of Atlantian's machine looks exactly like that of the nuclear power plant in "Swing City".

A remake of Season 2's "Vine", virtually identical in plot; the only difference is that instead of a giant plant threatening New York, the menace is a series of enormous, rolling pods that grow from boxes in a missing scientist's house. The scientist has used a time portal located in his house to journey into another dimension, and the rolling pods have come from that dimension, the Land of Crystal Creation. Spidey goes through the portal to find a means of stopping the rolling pods before one of them descends onto a missile base outside of New York City and triggers an atomic explosion. The missing scientist in this episode is Dr. Von Glutz, whose house is a replica of that of Prof. Smithers in "Vine". Von Glutz is dead by the time that Spiderman arrives in the dimension to which Von Glutz had transported himself. So, Spidey is advised by a tribe of blue-haired ape creatures, who resemble Molemen, to raid a nearby city and obtain the necessary energy units to obliterate the rolling pods in New York. And the city that Spidey must raid is populated by animal-hating plants that look like those in "Vine". These plants thrive on cold, and the city is refrigerated with power from a weird generator, with the energy units that Spidey seeks situated in the "eyes" of the machine. The plants need the energy units to keep their city cold, and they stop Spidey from reaching the generator by breaking Spidey's swing web. Spidey falls and is captured and put in an arena to battle a giant slug named Goliath for the plants' amusement. Spidey subdues Goliath with webbing and, with all of the plants in the arena, easily removes the energy units from the generator. The plants die, and the blue- haired ape creatures can reclaim the city that was once their own. Spidey returns to New York and drops the energy units into a cannon that fires them at one of the rolling pods, annihilating it before it can descend onto the missile base.

"Rhino"/"The Madness of Mysterio"
In a cheater story comprised of footage from both Rhino episodes from Season 1, the Rhino again steals gold shipments with which to build a 14 karat statue of himself. Spidey's spider-sense enables him to locate the Rhino's hideout building, and after a battle that demolishes the place, Spidey forces the Rhino to flee into the New York City sewers with his golden self- image, and Spidey webs the running Rhino for police to jail... Spiderman tussles once more with master-of-illusion Mysterio. This time, Mysterio causes Spidey to think that he has shrunk the web-swinger and placed him in a miniature amusement park. Spidey struggles against a maze of mirrors coated with poison and, holding a webbing shield, crashes through the mirrors with no ill effects. Spiderman fights and defeats a mechanical dragon and confronts the seemingly giant Mysterio in the park's skyline, but when Spidey's punch does not strike the huge image of Mysterio, he deduces that the park is full-scale and that Mysterio's giant appearance is an illusion. Mysterio hypnotized Spidey with a machine in front of the miniature park, then brought Spidey to the full-scale model and employed an illusion-projecting device to convey the impression that Spidey has been shrunk and that the enormous image of Mysterio towering over the park is Mysterio at normal size. Spidey finds the real Mysterio at the park's highest point, in the control room for the parachute jump, and overcomes the criminal with one, powerful punch, then webs him for police capture.

"Revolt in the Fifth Dimension"
Another episode composed largely of animation from a Rocket Robin Hood story. A dying scientist from the destroyed planet Goth in the deceased galaxy of Kamosah must land his crippled spaceship on Earth and, before expiring, entrusts Spiderman with a tiny but encyclopedic library of information, including the secrets of a dimension of living thought, whose one-eyed, skeletal ruler, Infinata, wants this information destroyed. So, Spidey is brought into the realm of Infinata, Dementia Five, where Infinata commits all of the horrific, thought-projected minions at his disposal to try to force Spidey to reveal where on his own person he has secreted the Library of Goth. Spidey bluffs Infinata into believing that he has lost the Library, and as Infinata is sentencing Spidey to death by submersion in a quicksand-like rug, Spidey closes his eyes and finds himself back in New York City. Realizing that Dementia Five is all illusion, existing only in the minds of believers, Spidey closes his eyes and mind to Infinata and is freed from Dementia Five. Back in New York, he produces the Library of Goth from his web cartridge and delivers it to the proper authorities.

"Specialists and Slaves"
An old enemy of Spidey's, a radiation specialist who once lifted Manhattan into the sky, has been released from jail and promptly revisits Manhattan's nuclear power plant, stuns the outdoor guards with his ray gun, and again commandeers the reactor. The radiation specialist, still as megalomaniacal as ever, uses a form of radiation to dull the minds of Manhattan's people, converting them into robots so that they obey every command that he gives to them. He lifts Manhattan skyward again and this time insures beforehand that Spidey is off of the island by luring him out of New York City with a robot car and a recorded message of someone pleading for help from a bogus kidnaping. The robot car goes off a cliff, and through the radio of the wrecked vehicle, the specialist tells Spidey about everyone in the elevated city now being his slaves and that Spidey will be attacked by the people if he tries to enter the city in the sky. Undaunted, Spidey spins his webs onto Manhattan's underside, swings up to it, crawls through a sewer tunnel, and gains entry to the specialist's "kingdom". But the specialist causes the island to tremor to send Spidey falling into the streets, where the web- swinger is captured by police, all of whom are the specialist's stooges, save for Captain Stacy, whose strong mind has immunized him from the enslaving radiation. Also immune are criminally-minded convicts, with whom Spidey teams to escape police custody, with Stacy as a hostage (in footage from "To Cage a Spider"). Spidey then frees Stacy from the convicts, whom Spidey webs one-by-one. Spidey web-swings to the nuclear power plant for a confrontation with the specialist, with the same result as in "Swing City". The specialist is unable to subdue Spidey, and his misfired ray gun cripples the controls to the levitating ray. Spidey attains control of the reactor in time to slowly deactivate it so that Manhattan gently settles into its surface position. Spidey webs the specialist and negates the slavery- inducing radiation.

"Down to Earth"
A remake of Season 2's "Neptune's Nose Cone". Jameson orders Peter to fly in an airplane with Daily Bugle pilot Osa Olsen to the North Pole to locate a fallen meteor with bizarre antennae, but a thunder-snowstorm cripples Parker and Olsen's airplane, and it crashes in a wasteland populated by a tribe of savages, who have appropriated the meteor and are planning to drop it into a volcano as an offering to their fire god in return for warmth. Peter, reviving after the airplane crash to discover Olsen gone, changes into Spiderman to search for Olsen and encounters the savages and overhears their plan. Deducing that the meteor will plug the volcano and cause an eruption that could melt the polar ice cap, Spidey endeavors to stop the primitives. After an extended period inside of a weird cavern populated by horrific creatures and adorned with huge idols, Spidey finds Olsen, and together they act to abort the dropping of the meteor into the volcano. The meteor is really a disguised spaceship that launches out of the mouth of the volcano while Spidey and Olsen are trying to pull it out of the circular ground fissure with web-lines, sheds its meteoric rock cover, and ascends into space. Somehow, Peter and Olsen are able to repair their airplane and leave the icy wasteland for home.

"Trip to Tomorrow"
A bolt of lightning breaks Spidey's web, causing him to fall into a boxcar at a rail yard. In the boxcar, Spidey meets a young runaway who plans to ride a freight train out of New York City and become "the Caped Protector of Podunk". To dissuade the youngster from this fanciful but impracticable plan, Spidey tells the youth about the extreme dangers of being a super-hero by recalling some of his most desperate battles, with extensive flashbacks- and reused footage- from "Thunder Rumble", "Return of the Flying Dutchman", and "The Evil Sorcerer". The runaway is so unnerved by Spidey's recounting of these experiences that he flees the train as the train is about to move out of the rail yard- and runs home to mother.
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