Welcome to the Free Speech Seattle web site. We are a group of Seattle citizens who sought to repeal Seattle's anti-postering law, believing that the ordinance hampered freedom of speech and had a drastic effect on Seattle's music, art and political communities, as well as anybody trying to hold a garage sale or find a lost pet.

In 1999, we ran a city-wide initiative to amend the ordinance to allow for posting on public utility poles. We gathered 15,000 signatures, a few thousand short of the required number. Thus Initiative 46 did not make the ballot.

On August 5, 2002 the Washington State Court of Appeals overturned the poster ban.

On August 9, 2004, the Washington State Supreme Court reversed that decision. However, by then the city modified the ordinance to allow for limited public posting.

City of Seattle threatens poster maker

In an effort to stymie the City's harassment of an anti-war activist, we also host a Replacements Needed mirror.