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You may contact RuneTips with any corrections, additions, suggestions or other comments for any of the site's content, including guides, maps or any of our databases. Remember, we are a fan site ONLY - this is NOT an official Jagex website. Please be very specific in your feedback and supply as much details as possible while using good grammar and spelling.

We prefer contact via our forums. You can find out exactly how you can help with researching information and updating content. You are guaranteed to get a response. If you'd like to submit a picture for one of our guides or databases, you may do so by posting it on the Website Updates & Corrections Board in our forums. You cannot submit any pictures to us by using this form, nor will you receive a personalized response.

Please do NOT use this form to send us any questions, we do not have the staff nor the time to answer them. If you have a question about levelling a skill, or selling an item, or how to complete a treasure trail, or anything else relating to game play, please post it to the appropriate board in our our forums. Any questions sent to us about the game will not be answered, even if you indicate that you would like a reply.

Please do NOT use this form to complain about RuneScape, to request that your RuneScape account be unbanned, or to make any suggestions about the game. We are a fan site ONLY - this is NOT an official Jagex website. You will have to contact Jagex directly via the RuneScape website for ANY of these things. And please don't ask us to forward your suggestion/complaint/question to Jagex for you. We are not a mail forwarding service.

Please remember that your message must be less than 700 characters in length and you can be I.P. banned from this form!

Check our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page before contacting us!
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