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    Age of Booty: PSN - Bad News / Good News

    Thursday, October 16, 2008, 07:17 PM [General]

    Bad News: Many of you were looking forward to today being launch day. 

    Early reviews on the XBL version's multiplayer have been extremely positive.  We want to ensure the online experience for PSN users is as smooth, fun, and addicting.  We also want to ensure all those who dive into the map editor and generate new content for the Age of Booty community have a great time sharing their maps with friends.  As a result, we had a little more work to do.

    Look for the release to be sometime around mid November.  Yes, Europe, we're aiming for your release to be the same day as the US.  We'll announce a more specific date when we lock one down with Sony.


    Good News: To soften the blow for our PSN fans I'm pleased to anounce to you all something I've only teased about in previous posts.

    I'm sure you've already guessed it by the image.  Yes, Age of Booty will support Trophies!  We'll have a patch available within the first couple of months upgrading the SDK and bringing with it the XMB enhancements and other cool features such as Trophies.

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    A damn shame about the delay. Was it last minute?

    October 16, 2008
    07:55 PM CST

    Last minute, pretty much. We were playing it earlier this week and just didn't like what we were seeing, knowing there were a few more things we wanted to address before letting it out. There's that give and take between being your own worst critic and wanting every last thing to be perfect and having to trust that people will love it anyway. Seeing how much everyone is loving multiplayer on XBL, we just need to get it right on PSN.

    October 16, 2008
    08:00 PM CST

    Hope by the beginning of Next Year. Capcom has finally come to grips with the PS3. No more sloppy seconds, lol.

    October 16, 2008
    09:19 PM CST

    While Capcom Japan works very CLOSELY and EFFICIENTLY with SCEJ. The same can't be said 'bout Capcom USA and SCEA/SCEE.

    I mean seriously this sort of thing shouldn't happen at all.

    And it's not just 'cause SCEE takes longer to verify languages. You guys can't even get the North American release going....

    Sorry man, accountability really matters to me and this is not cool at all.

    BTW Capcom, trophies are not a bonus.

    October 16, 2008
    09:19 PM CST

    it's time for you guys to start developing natively on the ps3. its obvious you have the 360 down, so challenge yourself and hone your craft by becoming just as proficient with the ps3. taking the path least resistance maybe time(money) saving, but as an 18 year capcom fan, my patience is wearing pretty thin with how ps3 users get repeatedly shafted by you guys. we love capcom too. you guys really think that announcing trophy support to come MONTHS after the delayed game comes out is some kind of concession to us? who cares? 360 users are getting their achievements now we'll have to do everything again since trophy patches are never retroactive. you have no the extent of how furious we are all going to be when ssfIIthdr is pushed back only for ps3 for the exact same reason Booty was (also we can't have sf and booty competing for sales). so win for xbox users, win for capcom's bottom line, double lose for ps3 users. all because you guys are too lazy to put effort into learning how to develop effectively for the ps3 (kind of your JOB, no?). everytime you guys say you're sorry and it won't happen again, and we forgive you and take you back. But, realistically, we can only spend so many nights sleeping in the battered womens' shelter because Capcom keeps coming home drunk late at night blackening our eyes and beating us with telephone cords. Knock it off Capcom, or we're moving in with our sister. And you'll be all alone.

    October 16, 2008
    09:27 PM CST
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