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Genesis 385MW gas-fired power station nears completion at Huntly

14 September 2006 - The next major downstream user of natural gas Genesis Energy's new 385 megawatt combined cycle plant is nearly finished construction at Huntly and is expected to begin commissioning in December 2006.

The $530 million combined cycle gas turbine power plant is expected to come fully on line producing electricity in April 2007 once commissioning is completed.

Genesis Energy says that the name e3p stands for "Energy Efficiency Enhancement Project". It will use state-of-the-art technology to convert gas into electricity and has an energy conversion efficiency of 57%, compared with 37% for the company’s existing power station at Huntly.

The e3p plant will use natural gas from Taranaki gas fields to generate enough electricity for approximately 379,000 households.

Natural gas will be fired into highly compressed air producing hot gases at approximately 1350°C and the expanding gas will then drive the biggest part of the power plant - a 250MW industrial gas turbine.

The exhaust heat recaptured to generate steam which is used to further power by a multi-stage 135MW steam turbine. The combined turbines together power a 385 MW generator.

A new feature of the Huntly site is the bank of the cooling towers which will be used cool the hot exhaust water from the steam turbines. The cooling towers use evaporative cooling by drawing an upward current of air which cools the falling water droplets. The collected water is re-used as a coolant.

The original coal and gas fired Huntly Power Station has an installed generating capacity of 1050 MW and can burn 3.6 million tonnes of coal a year. With the addition in 2004 of a 50MW gas fired turbine in 2004, the Genesis station currently generates approximately 12.5% of the total installed New Zealand electricity capacity.

Genesis says that when the e3p plant comes on line next year the Genesis Huntly site will have a total capacity of 1485MW or around 17% of New Zealand’s electricity capacity.

Huntly is strategically located only 70 km from Auckland, the centre of the largest power demand.

Source: Genesis Power
Last updated 30 May 2007

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