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Born Free   

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Episode: Born Free
Genre: Adaptation, Drama, Crime


Dexter follows the clues that the Ice Truck Killer left for him trying to find Debra and the Ice Truck Killer. Doakes still thinks that Dexter could be the Ice Truck Killer and tries to stop Dexter on his hunt for the Ice Truck Killer. Paul tries to convince Rita that she shouldn't have her children around Dexter.


Actor Role
Michael C Hall Dexter Morgan
Jennifer Carpenter Debra Morgan
Julie Benz Rita Bennett
Lauren Vélez Lieutenant Maria LaGuerta
Erik King Sgt. James Doakes
David Zayas Angel Batista
Geoffrey Pierson Captain Matthews
C S Lee Vince Masuka
Christina Robinson Astor
Daniel Goldman Cody
James Remar Harry Morgan
Francisco Viana Detective Simms
Christian Camargo Rudy
Mark Pellegrino Paul
Maxwell Huckabee Three-Year-Old Dexter/Young Dexter
Judith Scott Lt. Esme Pascal
Scott Atkinson
Katherine Kirkpatrick Laura Moser
Brandon Killham Little Rody
Josh Phillips Indigent Man
Josh Wingate Paramedic
P.J. Marino Truck Driver
John C McDonnell Dock Manager
Jennifer Echols Nurse
Kathleen Mary Carthy Doctor
Morgan Margolis Cop
David Haley EMT
Christie Lynn Smith Soccer Mom
Mary Alice Kania Karen
Patrick Y Malone Tech
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