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Abandon EP (Forefront Records)
Released July 2008
By Andrea Dawn Goforth

Sounds like … the catchy groove beats of bands like The Killers, Sanctus Real, and Switchfoot, mixed with the Brit influences of Coldplay and U2.

At a glance … Abandon's short but sweet release leaves you wanting more of their solid songwriting, accomplished vocals, modest production, and genuine message.

Track Listing

"It's the strangest way I've discovered a new band," according to Nashville Artist Relations director Chris York about new rock group Abandon. He and his wife were enjoying dinner at a Mexican restaurant while the band played in a Nashville venue next door. York couldn't ignore the hook-filled rock songs coming through the walls, and knew he had to pursue them. Before long, Abandon was signed Forefront Records, digitally releasing a self-titled 5-song EP.

Immediately listeners will notice lead singer Josh Engler's killer voice—literally so, in that Engler resembles Brandon Flowers of The Killers. Musically, the band borrows heavily from UK rockers like U2 and Coldplay while also integrating the alternative-pop sounds of bands like Sanctus Real and Switchfoot.

The opener "Providence" is fresh sounding with an interesting spin on a classic Bible story. Talking about Peter's denial, Engler sings, "Three times when all he had to say yes, say yes … but denial seemed so beautiful." Along with such creative lyrics, the song's Anberlin-styled pop-rock chorus is catchy and dances in your eardrums.

"All Because of You" displays the band's Brit pop influence, with airy guitars and stadium reverb vocals—the band describes the song as a mix between The Beatles and Coldplay. While the lyrics could make a good worship song, the track doesn't fall into such predictable conventions. Abandon succeeds in putting more of an indie flavor into their music to make the feel genuine and original.

Abandon's name is derived from the message of thinking less about self and more about God. Though the EP is brief, it lifts up some powerful praises in an authentic way. The closing track "Atmosphere" is a great example of the way the music just feels effortless for this band—and appropriately titled, with that floating Angels and Airwaves or MuteMath vibe to it.

The band's full length is expected to drop in early 2009, comprised of these songs and more. If this EP is an indication of what's to come, then Abandon is bound to be embraced by listeners for their stylish sound and genuine message. Check it out—you'll be glad Chris York interrupted dinner, even if it frustrated his wife a little.

Abandon EP (Forefront Records)
Released July 2008
By Andrea Dawn Goforth

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