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The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan � a young country with a history that dates back to Biblical times...

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Along with Iraq, considered to be the cradle of civilization...

Jerusalem, Cairo, Aleppo, Bethlehem, Beirut, Dead Sea, Petra. Places that conjure up images!  Come meet a mosaic of people reflecting a myriad of cultures.

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Israel !

The holy land for the three monotheistic religions...

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Tourism To Palestine


Just the name of this small body of land stirs up ones imagination.  Let us remember that Palestine, just as its neighbors to the east, north, south and west, is the birthplace of the world's three major religions.  Palestine has been a meeting place for cultures since prehistoric time. Pilgrims have been visiting this land since the beginning of history.  This narrow bridge of land nestled on the western end of the Fertile Crescent between Africa and Asia has been influenced by so many civilizations, from Pharononic Egypt, to the Moslem and Christian Arabs, Greeks and Romans.  Alexander the Great occupied Palestine after defeating the Persians.  The Romans occupied Palestine in 63BC and rules for almost 400 years.  Century after century the land of Palestine was conquered and different influences continued to build the local culture.  The Arab-Islamic period lasted from the early 7th century right through until 1918.  Following World War One, the Turkish rulers were defeated and  Palestine was occupied by the Allied Forces as a protectorate of Great Britain.   Following World War Two, the United Nations voted to partition of Palestine into two countries � one for the Arabs and one for the Jews.  In 1948 when the State of Israel was declared and the fighting that soon followed, the West Bank of the Jordan River fell into Jordanian control while the Gaza Strip was absorbed by Egypt. In 1967, during the course of the "Six Day War," the Israeli armies swept across the West Bank and Gaza and occupied these territories. 

Much has been written and much can be said about the modern history of Palestine.  Some call May 15, 1948 the day of Israeli independence, while Palestine calls it the Nakba (catastrophe). This article is about tourism, not politics. The Middle East has entered into a period of hope for the future.  The Palestinian people are a warm, educated people that welcome the tourist.  We hope that by visiting Palestine, you will come away with a love for this land, and that your visit will bring you a new understanding of the Holyland, and will bring peace to the land


Passport information:


At the time of this writing, Palestine is not as yet an independent country.  The Israelis still control the borders and many areas within Palestine.  There is no international airport in Palestine (until the Gaza airport is renovated and re-opened). Accordingly, the rules of entering Palestine are the same as those visiting Israel.  Most nationalities obtain visas at Ben Gurion Airport (Israel), Sheik Hussein and Allenby/King Hussein Border crossings (from Jordan), Taba and Rafiah (from Egypt).  For nationals of countries without diplomatic relations with Israel, you must check with the nearest Israeli embassy.  If you plan to continue from Palestine to Syria or Lebanon, be sure to ask the Israeli passport control authorities not to stamp your passport.  Security upon entry and exit from Israel is strict, tight and quite efficient.  Especially if you tell the border authorities that you are planning to visit Palestine, you can expect to be asked many questions; sometimes the same questions two and three times by various security officers.  GME endorses telling the truth, but�you may shorten your time with the Israelis by simply not mentioning to them that you are on your way to Palestine.






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Jerusalem, Cairo, Aleppo, Bethlehem, Beirut, Dead Sea, Petra. Places that conjure up images!  Come meet a mosaic of people reflecting a myriad of cultures.  Explore historical, archaeological and religious sites.  But�there's more.  Experience the vibrant gay scene.  Pubs, restaurants, galleries, beaches.  Dancing 'til dawn on Tel Aviv's pier.  Sipping coffee at a gay friendly

Beirut coffeehouse.

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