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October 10, 2008 - Los Angeles, USA

Artivist wraps-up successful 5th Annual Film Festival in Hollywood,
and prepares for London's Parliament, Tokyo, Mexico City, and Lisbon!

This year's 5th Annual Artivist Film Festival Tour commenced October 2nd through October 5th at the historic Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood.  The Opening Night Ceremonies included an electrifying musical performance by "Afro-Reggae".  Afro-Reggae, a Brazilian Organization, works with the youths in the slums of Brazil on transforming their lives from gangs and violence, to education and a passion for the arts.

A sold-out audience welcomed Afro-Reggae and the Global Premiere of "ZEITGEIST ADDENDUM", Directed by Peter Joseph.  This year's Artivist screened 40 films from 40 countries around the world. The Festival in Hollywood concluded with The 2008 Artivist Awards honoring this year's winning films.  Top honors went to Pacifica Radio, presented with the "Artivist Community Leadership Award" on their 50th Anniversary. 

Media Partners and International NGOs such as Amnesty International, Artists for Amnesty, Human Rights Watch, Heal the Bay, Humane Society of the United States, In Defense of Animals, Women in Film, The One Campaign, CARE, POWER-UP, MAG - Mines Advisory Group, The Malibu Times, GOOD Magazine, MotherJones, ANTHEM, Soul Brasil, Pacifica Radio - KPFK, Juxtapoz, Experience LA, Apogee Invent, and Positive TV all participated in this year's Artivist Film Festival and Awards in Hollywood.

Artivist Founder-President, Diaky Diaz, states: "Raising awareness for the interdependence between Humanity, Animals, and the Environment is the true mission of Artivist. Filmmakers and Organizations from around the world gather at the Artivist Film Festival to raise awareness for global consciousness.  We are seeing thousands of people coming to Artivist in support of these films which not only inform but inspire positive actions in our global community.  Our audiences are growing internationally and these films are beginning to receive the attention they deserve."

This year's Artivist Film Festival is touring in 5 international cities.

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ARTIVIST is a 501c3 Charitable Organization Endorsed by the UNITED NATIONS

Presenting The 2008 Artivist Award Winners!

"ZEITGEIST ADDENDUM"  Director: Peter Joseph 
Best Feature - Artivist Spirit Award


Director Peter Joseph speaking at Artivist's Opening Night
and the Global Premier of his film, "Zeitgeist Addendum".

Premiering his highly anticipated sequel to "Zeitgeist." The failure of our world to resolve the issue of war, poverty, and corruption, rests within a gross ignorance about what guides human behavior to begin with. ‘Zeitgeist-Addendum' addresses the true source of the instability in our society, while offering the only fundamental, long term solution. Director Peter Joseph has the ability to take risky subject matter and turn it into a visually, emotionally, and intellectually compelling case for a "greater point of view." "Millions of people gravitated toward Peter's first film.  We are excited that this year's Artivist Film Festival will provide a platform to once again, pique the curiosity of millions of viewers and continue the dialogue about topics concerning citizens worldwide," stated Artivist Co-Founder Dr. Bettina Wolff.

ON RECEIVING AN ARTIVIST AWARD:   "I am absolutely honored.  Artivist is a role model for the media industry which placates people with "numbing entertainment", as opposed to films that inspire and challenge them, which is what Artivist is really about." 

"SOVEREIGNTY"  Director:  Jonathan Sale    
Best Short - Artivist Spirit Award

Film Image

SYNOPSIS:  Pulitzer Prize nominated writer Rolin Jones uncoils a hilarious and caustic allegory of the lengths to which people will go to ignore the horrors in the world around them. Mrs. Elsbeth's life is the picture of perfection, but all of that changes with strange new neighbors and the arrival of cryptic postcards reading "Help Us."

ON RECEIVING AN ARTIVIST AWARD:   "It is gratifying for a group of impartial viewers to appreciate the passionate execution of a vision. But my greatest hope is that receiving the Artivist Award will help "Sovereignty" reach, and therefore challenge, a wider audience."

"THEY TURNED OUR DESERT INTO FIRE"  Director: Mark Brecke   
Best Feature - Human Rights

Film Image

SYNOPSIS:  Mark Brecke's, "They Turned Our Desert Into Fire", tells the story of the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Darfur, Sudan, through the perspectives of Amtrak passengers during a cross-country train trip, becoming an enlightening and emotional journey through an indifferent American media landscape into the heart of the Darfur tragedy.

ON RECEIVING AN ARTIVIST AWARD:   "I am overwhelmed for the people of Darfur that their story has been recognized , and I will dedicate the Artivist Award to them. By winning this award means the film will have the chance to get to a larger audience and will bring more awareness around the world to the crisis in Darfur.  I give great thanks to the Artivist Film Festival for recognizing this important issue told through our film."

"TIBET: BEYOND FEAR"  Director: Michael Perlman  
Best Short - Human Rights


Film Image

SYNOPSIS:  Nawang, a 13-year-old Buddhist Nun and Bagdro, a 20-year-old Buddhist monk lead freedom demonstrations against the Chinese occupation of Tibet, enduring horrific torture as they struggle to find a way beyond fear. 

ON RECEIVING AN ARTIVIST AWARD:   "It is with great humility that I accept the 2008 Artivist Award for Human Rights in recognition of all the brave people of Tibet who have suffered so much yet still retain a remarkable ability to remain positive, forgiving and peaceful. 
With the recognition the film is receiving at the Artivist Film Festival, I hope this documentary inspires people to find strength in their own lives through the power of positive thinking and that it motivate individuals to take action in support of organizations that play a vital role to secure the freedom of political prisoners and help the people of Tibet."

"BOMB HARVEST"  Directors: Kim Mordaunt & Sylvia Wilczynski
Best Feature - Children's Advocacy

Film Image

SYNOPSIS: Rural poverty in Laos has triggered a brisk illegal trade in bomb scrap metal left from America's 'Secret War' over 35 years ago, and the local children are out hunting for bombs.  This timely story is terrifying and yet filled with eccentric characters and humor, vividly depicting the consequences of war and the bravery of those trying to clear up the mess.

ON RECEIVING AN ARTIVIST AWARD:   "To be honored with an Artivist Award means so much to us. It means that the wider public care enough to want to embrace one of the key humanitarian issues of our time - the legacy of warfare on civilians long after wars are over - and to share the experience that connected us to this country Laos and its brave people."

Director: Robert Koenig
Best Short - Children's Advocacy

Film Image

SYNOPSIS:  This film examines the experience of child soldiers returning home after the Maoist People's War in Nepal, an 11-year civil war between the Communist Party of Nepal-Maoists and the Government of Nepal.

ON RECEIVING AN ARTIVIST AWARD:   "It is an amazing honor to receive the Artivist Award for Best Short - Children's Advocacy at the 5th Annual Artivist Film Festival.  I was delighted just to have the film selected as part of the Artivist Film Festival, because their mission of raising awareness for global causes furthers the mission of my film.  The honor of receiving an Artivist Award makes me appreciate that this film has the potential to influence people to take action and help these children.  I am extremely proud of the entire team that worked so hard to make this film a reality."

"ONE WATER"  Director: Sanjeev Chatterjee     
st Feature - Environmental Preservation

Film Image

SYNOPSIS:  Filmed in 14 countries across the globe, "One Water" brings home stunning non-verbal visual sequences, compelling expert commentary, local music and an overall score performed by the world renowned Russian National Orchestra, to highlight mankind's changing and challenging relationship to water.

ON RECEIVING AN ARTIVIST AWARD:   "We see the completion of One Water as the beginning of a broader campaign to engage media makers in creating media about water issues everywhere. Recognition from Artivist allows us to spread the word among artists and advocates."

"EUDAIMONIA"  Director: Jude Shingle 
Best Short - Environmental Preservation

Film Image

SYNOPSIS: Dreams of whales lead a young man to question the promises of the dominant culture. 'Is this the life that was promised? Using rotoscoped animation, this lyrical piece explores what it means to acknowledge the atrocities of the dominant culture and the pains and triumphs of following your heart.

ON RECEIVING AN ARTIVIST AWARD:   "It is incredibly unexpected and incredibly humbling.  To have my work considered representative of the Artivist Award is an honor and I am excited that others see in my work something worth celebrating.  It is an even greater honor to be alongside other great artists and advocates.  (Artivist) brings courage, passion and a renewed dedication to my own sense of purpose."

"COMPANIONS TO NONE"  Director: Bill Buchanan   
Best Feature - Animal Rights

Film Image

SYNOPSIS:  "Companions to None" takes an in-depth look at the companion animal overpopulation and abuse crisis in Mexico, the consequences of which are animal suffering and serious human health issues.

ON RECEIVING AN ARTIVIST AWARD:   "Upon learning of the award, I was as flattered and as appreciative of the honor as I was when first approached to do the film. To receive an Artivist Award validates the worthiness of the subject matter of my film and of the film itself."

"BLINDERS"  Director: Donny Moss  
Best Short - Animal Advocacy

Film Image

SYNOPSIS: As a result of three dramatic and fatal accidents since 2006, the plight of carriage horses in New York City is now in the public eye more than ever before.  But the public doesn't know much more than what they see on the streets and in the news.   "Blinders" takes viewers behind the scenes to expose the truth behind the tradition.

ON RECEIVING AN ARTIVIST AWARD:   "Receiving an Artivist Award is very validating, given the mission of the festival to raise public awareness for social causes.  It is also humbling, knowing that many other good films were submitted that also aim to effect change."


Honored this year's Winning Films and
KPFK Radio's 50th Anniversary as a Community Leader.


This year, Artivist proudly welcomes once again our Official Community Partner Petrobras.

For the past two years Petrobras has supported the efforts and expansion of the international Artivist Film Festival.  Understanding the interdependence between humanity, animals, and the environment is crucial in our global community.  By working with individuals and groups, organizations and companies, we can create long term solutions to our global problems. 

Petrobras, a Brazilian company, is the largest funder of Cultural Arts Programs in Brazil. As one of the largest distributors of ethanol fuel in the world, Petrobras has a 30 year history of producing, distributing and using ethanol from sugar cane as fuel for vehicles. The Petrobras Environmental Program is focused on water protection and biodiversity, supporting hundreds of projects that aim to recover water bodies and sources, as well as promoting the rational use of water resources and environmental education. Petrobras is the only energy company that is part of the Global Compact Board of the UNITED NATIONS, committing its corporative government to the 10 principles set forth by the UN.  Petrobras is a proud Partner of various animal advocacy programs which include endangered sea turtles, the manatees, and various save the whales programs.


 "ARTIVIST" is the 1st international Film Festival dedicated to raising awareness
for the Interdependence between Humanity, Animals, and the Environment.

ARTIVIST is a 501c3 non profit organization endorsed by the UNITED NATIONS


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