Rare NWA TNA vs. WWE match confirmed, Kevin Nash’s WWE status, more
    Submitted by Richard Gray on Thursday, April 15, 2004 at 12:18 AM EST

  • An extremely rare WWE vs. NWA TNA match was announced to take place at a Cyberspace Wrestling Federation event in Wayne, New Jersey on April 24th. NWA TNA’s Ron Killings will face WWE’s Al Snow in the headliner of the show. Snow is allowed to work Indy dates due to being on an announcer’s contract with WWE instead of a talent contract. Roddy Piper, Mike Tenay, and Michael Shane have also been scheduled to make appearances at the show for the CWF.

  • Some sources found it funny that after WWE’s Shopzone’s big inventory sale to get rid of old merchandise, the two top selling items were both Kevin Nash t-shirts. Kevin Nash, of course, made an appearance in the Punisher film which opens this Friday.

  • On a side note, WWE’s Michaels Hayes was spotted at last night’s New York Mets baseball game.

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    [Source: PWInsider.com]

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