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840kHz AM - 107.1 FM

La Voixe Evangelique d'Haiti

Horizon 94.7MHz FM

4veh - am antennaRadio 4VEH is a non-commercial radio station, licensed with the Haitian Government, but committed to political neutrality. It is supported by donations from individuals in Haiti and abroad. In 1998, a campaign was started to collect donations from members of Haitian churches, and currently some 10% of the station's income is obtained in this way.

The stations output incorporates Christian programming, including discussions, drama, scripture readings and prayer, alongside programming with news, sports, health, agriculture and literacy

OMS International, formerly Oriental Missionary Society, was founded in 1901 by Charles and Lettie Cowman in Japan. Today, almost 100 years later, OMS International serves in over 20 countries.

OMS International is an evangelical faith mission specializing in aggressive evangelism, theological training, partnership, and the establishment of indigenous churches in Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, and Africa.

Men for Missions International is the layman’s branch of OMS International. Each year, hundreds of laymen provide funds for special projects and visit OMS fields.

4VEH, which is involved in developing a network (satellite, Internet) to reach Haitians wherever they are. 4VEH is also involved in "Operation Saturation", to distribute 250,000 fix-tuned solar-powered radios throughout Haiti by 2004.


Radio 4VEH, “The Evangelistic Voice of Haiti” (La Voix Evangélique d’Haiti)

Radio 4VEH has been on the air from Cap-Haitien, Haiti since 1950, when it was founded by Rev. G. T. Bustin of the East and West Indies Bible Mission. In 1958, ownership of the station passed to OMS International (formerly The Oriental Missionary Society).

Languages have included English, Spanish, French and Creole on AM, FM and Short Wave. Today Radio 4VEH offers its programs in Creole and French, concentrating on reaching its Haitian listeners.

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840 AM
(10,000 watts), covers the northern two-thirds of Haiti between 5 am - 11 pm;

Satellite FM network
links 4VEH with partner stations, reaching the north-west, the south, and center regions of the country;
The building Radio 4VEH occupied for most of its 50 year history.

FM 94.1
covers the greater Cap-Haitien area (Haiti’s second city) 24 hours/day;

webcasting takes our programs to Haitians around the world 24 hours/day.

Our programs include:

Daily devotions, Prayer, Bible reading, Family counseling

Health, Agriculture, Family Care, Haitian history, Law

Bible studies, Preaching, Testimonies, Evangelistic campaigns

Summer youth specials, Dramas

Public Service
Personal messages, Announcements

World News


The building Radio 4VEH now calls home.
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Mission Statement

Radio 4VEH is a religious non-commercial station, supported by prayers and financial gifts from inside and outside Haiti.

We believe Radio 4VEH has been called of God and set apart as a witness to the Lord Jesus Christ in Haiti, to bring Light into spiritual darkness.

We exist to proclaim the Gospel of the Truth of Jesus Christ for the salvation and transformation of our listeners and Haitian society by the power of the Holy Spirit.
(Matt. 28:20)

We envision a constantly increasing number of Haitians maturing in their faith, taking active roles in their churches and communities with a missionary vision wherever they are.

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4VEH Partner Stations

Radio 4VET on 100.3 FM, The Evangelistic Voice of La Tortue. Studios at Pagne, on the Haitian island of La Tortue, off the northwestern coast; 4VET reaches most of the northwestern peninsula and beyond; Founded 1998; Operates under the auspices of the Pagne Baptist Church.

Radio 4VEP on 93.3 FM, The Evangelistic Voice of Pignon. Located in Pignon; reaches Central Plateau; On the air February, 2004 in partnership with Hosean International Ministries, directed by Rev. Caleb Lucien.

Radio 4VBM on 91.7 FM, Radio Victory Beyond Measure. Situated in Beaumont in the southwestern peninsula; Founded in July, 2004 in partnership with the Evangelical Bible Mission, directed by Rev. David Bustin.

Horizon 94.7 (FM), founded in 1980 by Radio 4VEH, targets Haitian young people and English speakers in greater Cap-Haitien with contemporary Christian music and programming in English, 5 am - 11 pm.

US-based Partner Stations

Listen to 4VEH on your local station in the United States via our radio partners who re-broadcast 4VEH according to their schedules.

Faith Radio 89.1 FM (Montgomery, AL). Began early 2005 to air 5 hours of Faith Radio programming daily on Horizon 94.7.

Radio Vérité 89.5 FM-SCA. Situated in New Jersey in Eastern part of the USA. It covers Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens and 9 counties in New Jersey. Director, Jouhaud Nicolas. You can listen to 4VEH on Radio Verité: Ainsi Parle l’Eternel, Monday-Friday 1:00-2:00 p.m, Podium Musical at night and Monde des Jeunes, Saturday 3:00-4:00 p.m.

Radio Espérance
Radio Lumière de Miami
Panick FM
Radio Union International
Radio Référence Inter de Winter Heaven
Radio Celect de Fort-Lauderdale
Freedom FM

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Special Ministries

Bible Correspondence Courses: Several thousand students all over Haiti study 4VEH’s Porte Ouverte (Open Door), our free Bible correspondence courses in French. The course consists of 12 lessons, each lesson returned to the station for correction; certificates are awarded upon completion of each level. You can subscribe by sending us an email with your address.

Recording Studio: Besides its use for 4VEH programs, Radio 4VEH’s main studio is being developed as a professional recording studio available to the Christian community. Organizations such as the Jesus Project, through Campus Crusade For Christ, and International Bible Society have used our studio to produce dramatized Scripture readings and the Jesus film in Creole for adults and children.

Auditorium: The second floor of 4VEH’s facilities features a 250-person auditorium which is available for hire to the public for seminars, conferences, concerts, weddings, etc. The Cap-Haitien English Bible Fellowship church meets here every Sunday afternoon.

KOPRO4 (Konbit pou Promosyon radyo 4VEH: In May,1998, 4VEH launched KOPRO4 to enlist Haitian listeners in the support of Radio 4VEH. Representatives from Radio 4VEH visit Haitian churches to present 4VEH ministry and challenge local Christians to get involved. A weekly radio program encourages KOPRO4 participants.

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Fix-Tuned Radio Distribution

Radio 4VEH began distributing fix-tuned radios in the early 1960s. At first they were battery powered, requiring 4VEH personnel to make regular visits to change the batteries. Later, 4VEH began distributing a solar-powered model. Many thousands of fix-tuned radios have been distributed, especially in rural areas where people have little or no electricity and few radio stations.

For detailed information on current distribution programs see Sonny Solar website.

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Operation Saturation / New Day

Operation Saturation, “OpSat”, a five-year program sponsored by Men for Missions Int’l, distributed some 35,000 fix-tuned solar radios during the period from 1999 to the end of 2004. Sponsorship of the radios at $30 each allowed OpSat to build new studio facilities for Radio 4VEH which were dedicated in 2000, provide satellite network capabilities, install three satellite downlinks for 4VEH partner stations, and begin an Endowment Fund for on-going 4VEH operations.

Since OpSat officially concluded December, 2004, “New Day”, also under the auspices of Men for Missions Int’l, has been formed to continue the vision of Operation Saturation and to support Radio 4VEH.

For information on New Day, see Sonny Solar website.

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Men for Missions International

Men for Missions International is the laymen’s voice of OMS International. Through MFMI thousands of men from multiple church affiliations and every walk of life have found a channel for harnessing and releasing personal skills and abilities in practical, direct missionary involvement. Radio 4VEH and OMS ministries in Haiti have benefited greatly from the involvement of these laymen.

For more information about Men For Mission International, including openings for missions trips, please visit:

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OMS International

OMS was founded in Japan in 1901 by Charles and Lettie Cowman. Today, over a century later, OMS is involved in 42 countries. OMS International is an evangelical faith mission specializing in aggressive evangelism, theological training, the establishment of indigenous churches and partnerships in Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe and Africa. OMS began its ministry in Haiti in 1958, with the purchase of Radio 4VEH.

OMS international headquarters are located near Indianapolis, IN, USA; National offices are situated in Canada, the UK, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa.

OMS Ministries in Haiti:

* Radio 4VEH - The Evangelistic Voice of Haiti, founded 1950
* Emmaus Fellowship of Churches, founded 1990; currently 40 churches
* Starfish Kids, Sponsorship program for Emmaus School children begun in 2002.
* Emmaus Biblical Seminary, founded 1967; currently approx. 50 students
* Bethesda Medical Center, founded early 1960s; approx. 100-150 patients per day
* Bethesda Dental Center, founded mid 1970s; approx. 25 patients per day

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