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Why Do Some Real Estate Agents Outsell Others 5 to 1?

They negotiate the best deals, list the best homes, have the biggest network of active buyers, and market properties more effectively. That's why people come back to them again and again. That's why they sell more homes! They are proven winners - and people know it.

Only real estate agents who meet or exceed $5 million in sales can receive NUMBER1EXPERT™ credentials and premium Internet marketing across an expanding network of websites. Currently 2,500 agents and 90,000 listings receive premium advertising and distribution, generating over 25,000 exclusive leads weekly. Agents report an average return on investment of 1500% with some reporting in excess of 5000%. Agents display their NUMBER1EXPERT™ Top Selling Agent™ credentials prominently because more and more consumers know the average NUMBER1EXPERT™ outsells the typical real estate agent 5 to 1. NUMBER1EXPERT™ is a service of Best Image Marketing, a division of Dominion Enterprises, a leading media and information services company.

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