APMSS Client Profile

Anti Piracy Maritime Security Solutions (Non-Lethal)

In less than 2 minutes you will have been boarded by pirates

Typical Profile:

APMSS is striving to make the passage of merchant ships through the MSPA as simple as possible without the need for the ships safety and security of crew becoming a headache for the CSO.

A typical profile would be something like this:

Embark 3 APMSS personnel (Team Leader + 2) and equipment at Jeddah / Salalah via STS or port

Team Leader briefs master / SSO on current intelligence, identifies safe areas of ship, briefs procedures in event of incident, essential personnel, roles etc.

APMSS team set up LRAD (long range acoustic device) thermal imagers and organise ships equipment, torches, hoses / axes etc.

SSO/Master and TL receive regular SITREPS from DMI on current activity

Passage lasts 3-5 days

APMSS team disembark via STS / port at either Jeddah / Salalah

Our remit is to provide a non lethal but very experienced interim deck watch security team through known high risk piracy areas with the necessary equipment to give early warning of a potential piratical attack and be able to prevent the situation – “becoming a situation”

It is well known that the earlier you let the pirates know you have seen them and that you are expecting them, the more chance they will call off the attack and seek a target that is not prepared.

Do not allow your ship to become a soft target – use APMSS to keep your ships on the move.